Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If I had a million dollars with BA, Julia and Sean

So you've just won a million dollars...

Who is the first person you call?
BA: my daddy
Julia: my accountant
Sean:my bff

What restaurant would you eat at to celebrate? (and what would you order?)
BA: I guarantee you I wouldn't be hungry.
Julia: Beau Jo's. I would fly to Denver. BA would eat a chicken and feta pizza with me.
Sean: The Black Dog for steak and scallops and sticky toffee pudding

What's the first purchase you make?
BA: I'd pay off the student loans
Julia: a GMC Acadia
Sean: pay off the debts

Do you quit your day job?
BA: No.
Julia: No.
Sean: No.

How much do you put in the bank?
BA: Everything left after paying off the bills.
Julia: All of it.
Sean: three quarters of it

Where's the first place you want to go?
BA: Denver, so we can head up to Estes.
Julia: Denver.
Sean: New Zealand

Will you buy a new house? (and if so, where will it be?)
BA: I would buy a condo in Estes Park for the summer, but I intend to die in this house.
Julia: No. I'd do improvements on this house.
Sean: Yes, I'd buy a house on the beach in one of the Maritime provinces.

Would you buy a new wardrobe?
BA: Nope.
Julia: It would see be yoga pants and t-shurts, but hell yes.
Sean:I'd probably just add to my wardrobe

Would you replace your computer?
BA: Yep.
Julia: God yes.
Sean: yes!

Would your answers be different if you won 10 million dollars?
BA: Nope.
Julia: Nope.
Sean: probably not

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