Friday, January 8, 2016

One Week and Counting by Felice Stevens

It's officially the first full week of the New Year. How many of those resolutions you made, of course with the best intentions, have you managed to keep? If you say any, I applaud you. I'm trying to stick to my healthy eating and exercising more and so far, so good. But talk to me in February.

I've read two posts lately, one from Josh Lanyon, and the other, Chuck Wendig's Terrible Minds blog, in which they speak of the journey of being an author, of writing for the love of writing and not trying to be someone you are not. in other words, finding your voice, your comfortable place. It's such a hard lesson to learn because when we are new, we want to be all the things-Best Selling Author, #1 on Amazon, Beloved by all mankind! 

So many times I've put down a book after I've finished reading it and said, "Wow. I wish I could write like that." So many times I've thought that. But I can't. If I did, I'd be a pale imitator, not a creator. So I will continue to admire authors like Josh, Mary Calmes and Amy Lane to name a few, for the way they put words down on a page, but I know I won't ever write like them. I can only be me. There are people who read me and those who don't and that's fine. I've learned I can't please everyone, but it was a hard lesson. Who doesn't want everyone to like them? Like me please!! LOL.

When I look back on my first book, Rescued, I think about how far I've progressed (in my opinion) as an author. Though that book was such a huge success, there are so many things I'd want to change about it now. And yet it brought me my most unbelievable joy: readers. That's who I write for—readers who know when they pick up my books, they will get a bit of conflict, and a whole lot of loving on the way to the HEA. 

I hope the new year finds you healthy and happy and on the road to whatever you want to accomplish. I have a new release coming out at the end of the month, Second to None, which is the third book in the Breakfast Club series. I'm so excited about Marcus and Tyler's story. In the meantime, if you're on Instagram you can follow me there at: or on Twitter at @Felicestevens1. I'm usually posting silly stuff.

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