Tuesday, January 5, 2016

the plan with Ba Tortuga, Julia Talbot and Sean Michael

[sean] evening all
<BA> hola!
<BA> happy new years!
[sean] yes, happy new year :)
<julia> happy new year!
<julia> there's a basset standing on my foot
<BA> WTF happened to 2015?
[sean] someone stole it
[sean] and julia, I bet that's heavy
<julia> yep
<julia> she ain't heavy
<julia> she's my Sadie
<BA> *snorts*
<BA> she's heavy
<BA> trust me
[sean] lolol
<julia> also not graceful
<julia> so
<julia> glances around
<BA> *grins*
<BA> An awful idea
[sean] uh-oh
[sean] ;)
<BA> The Texan has a wonderful, awful idea
[sean] you'd better share
<BA> what if a werewolf, a dragon and a vampire walk into a bar
<BA> :D
<BA> *listens to the crickets*
[sean] there would be a lot of biting and a lot of fire
<BA> there would be a lot of jockeying for position
[sean] oh yeah
<julia> LOL
<julia> sorry I was licking pimento cheese off my fingers
<BA> heeeee
<BA> ah, my wife
<julia> I get the vampire
<BA> I'm not writing the dragon
<BA> no
<BA> way
<julia> nah
<BA> you two are like the high muckety mucks of dragons
[sean] oh please, the minute you said werewolf you knew that's who you were writing
<julia> Sean always gets the dragons who are people
[sean] BA=werewolf
[sean] nods
<julia> now if you'd said werebear
<julia> we would have known it was me
[sean] a one eyed one horned flying purple people eater
<BA> that's not sexy
[sean] giggles
<julia> uh
<julia> no
[sean] no, just silly
<BA> we're talking about possible sexitude
<julia> possible?
<julia> sean is co-writing
<BA> fuzzy and scaly and... pale
<julia> it's mandatory
[sean] nodnods
<BA> fuzzy and scaly and dressed in Armani?
[sean] there will be sexitude
<julia> heee
[sean] lol
<julia> yes
<julia> I might have to write an Italian vamp whose last name is Rossi
<BA> *cackles*
<julia> <bonus points to the reader who can name THOSE books>
<BA> my werewolf is going to be a giant redneck with an unfortunate habit of chasing cattle at his ranch
[sean] lol
<julia> heee
<julia> excellent
<julia> so, why is he in the bar?
[sean] my dragon comes down from the mountains rarely
<BA> beer.
<BA> why the fuck is any redneck in a bar?
[sean] lol
<julia> to say, "Hey, y'all, watch this?"
<BA> right -- this is more, "I'm in trouble for nibbling the herd and the Alpha booted my ass out."
<BA> it's hard to be a werewolf in cattle country
<julia> LOL
[sean] ahhh
<julia> all those coyotes to compete with
<BA> and chupacabra
<julia> four fangs
[sean] my dragon picks his teeth with coyote bones
<BA> sucks goats
<julia> hence the name
<BA> oooh... dragon toothpicks!
<julia> my vamp just dropped in for a bite
<BA> poor coyotes
<BA> so, names? we need names. My boy is named Copper.
[sean] my dragon likes copper - it's shiny
<julia> Hmm
[sean] my dragon's name is Roar
<julia> Dante
[sean] cool
[sean] the bar's in the country, yeah?
<julia> yep
<BA> nods
<julia> Dante has a country house nearby
<julia> newly bought
<BA> Copper is just wandering
<BA> looking for trouble
<BA> or beer
<BA> possibly a random loose chicken
<julia> munch
<BA> indeed
<BA> he's easy
<BA> fight
<BA> fuck
<BA> beer
<BA> snackage
[sean] the basics
[sean] every couple decades Roar comes down to have a beer, eat fried things and just be a man for a few days
<julia> neat
<julia> see how the world is changed
<julia> Dante likes to get away from it all
<julia> go where the men are men and the sheep are nervous
[sean] lol
<BA> and the wolves are southern
<BA> so, wanna?
[sean] absolutely
<julia> yep
<julia> after we hot our deadlines
<julia> so next week
<BA> cool. once a month?
<julia> sure
<BA> shut up
<julia> what
[sean] works for me
<BA> right?
<BA> someone tell me I'm right
<BA> come on, someone tell me
[sean] you're always right
[sean] ;)
<julia> uh
<julia> sneaks off
<BA> yeah yeah yeah
<BA> speaking of, I gotta get another 2K tonight before bed
<julia> ew
<BA> tomorrow's angiogram attempt #2
<julia> I mean yay!
<julia> go go BA
<BA> chugga chugga chugga
[sean] good luck on that, BA
[sean] the test
<BA> ty
<BA> okay,I'm going to poof
<BA> I love y'all
<BA> *this* much
[sean] :)
<julia> love you both
<julia> hugs
[sean] love you too
<julia> night
[sean] night

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