Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Year Ahead by Riley Hart

Hello. I hope everyone had a great holiday. We're still trying to come down from it all. My kids don't go back to school until this coming Monday (which is better than this coming Wednesday which is what I originally thought). It's not that I don't enjoy having them home, but three weeks is a long time. They get bored and our schedule gets messed up. We do really well with a schedule.

I'm looking forward to 2016 and I'm excited for some of the things I have in store. This is my plan...that's not to say all of these things will definitely happen, but they're my goal.

Crossroads has become, The Crossroads Series. That doesn't mean a new Nick and Bryce novel, but it does mean you'll meet some new and old friends of theirs, so you'll be seeing Nick and Bryce again. Book two is titled SHIFTING GEARS. Remember Rod from the sex store? It's his book. His and Landon's. I LOVED writing their story. It's finished and currently in editing. You'll get it soon, and the cover reveal is coming soon as well. It's stunning and I can't wait to share it with you guys!

After SHIFTING GEARS, there should be one more novel in the series, and a novella which will be released on it's own first, and then part of one of the 1001 Dark Nights bundles along with novellas from Christopher Rice, Melissa Foster, Rebecca Zanetti, and Liliana Hart.

I really hope to write the second Rock Solid book this year as well. I'm doing my best on that one. I promise. I'm so sorry it's taking so long!

I also have a novel that I started for NaNo, which is sitting at 32,000 words. It's an angsty one. That's high on my priority list to finish.

There might or might not be a secret project in the works, too. :)

As for Nyrae I would love to write Xavier's book. He's the roommate of Toby from A HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS.

Book Releases:

I have a Nyrae Dawn YA releasing Fall 2016 from Harmony Ink titled TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. It deals with mental illness and is really close to my heart. Some of the books mentioned above will obviously be releasing this year as well :)


I want to read more in 2016 than I did in 2015. I didn't set a goal for the number of books, but I didn't read nearly enough last year. I plan to change that this year.


I'll be at Apollycon in Savannah this February.

Romantic Times in Vegas this April.

I hope to add more singings.

Lastly, you have a couple more weeks to order signed books from the Apollycon virtual signing. I'm about halfway down the page. There's a drop down menu for Nyrae Dawn/Riley Hart.

That's it from me. I'm curious, do you sent New Year goals? If so, what are some of yours?

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