Friday, January 1, 2016

The Year That was by Felice Stevens

     I guess I'm lucky to have the post here on New Year's Eve. I rarely go out' preferring to stay in my pjs, stretched out on my sofa with some champagne and cheese. The ball from Times Square is on the television and inevitably my husband (if he's awake) and I remark on who would be crazy enough to stand out there for hours and hours waiting for that one minute countdown. My do you go to the bathroom? 

     I'm not listing my favorite books or authors of the year; I will however list some of my favorite things that happened to met. Suffice it to say I am the one who is thankful to be part of this amazing community of authors and readers, some of whom I was lucky to meet at various book signings and conventions. Meeting readers and authors was the highlight of my year.  

     In 2016 I plan on going to Liberty States in NJ in March, The Rainbow Book Fair in April and RT, also in April. I definitely plan to go to GRL again in October and celebrate my birthday.

     I have  a bunch of new releases planned. The first is the third in The Breakfast Club series—Marcus and Tyler's story. I loved writing them and I'm so excited for people to read their story. There will be also be several novellas and some stand alone books and other surprises in store, so stay tuned!

     I've never been much for awards, but I'm honored to have been on several "Best of" lists for some of my books, including the Goodreads MM Book Awards.  But anytime I get an email or a message from a reader telling me they enjoyed my book, I feel as though I've won the lottery.

    Before signing off, I want to take this time to thank Cardeno C for asking me to be a part of this blog. I was flattered to join with such a talented group of authors and look forward to seeing what everyone has in store for the New Year.
Happy New Year!!



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