Thursday, January 21, 2016

Twitter vs Facebook by Riley Hart

I spend a lot of time online (obviously). I love the connections I've made over the internet. I love interacting with fellow authors and readers. It's fun for me...but I also probably spend a little too much time online sometimes... and let's face it, part of time spent online is also for promotion. It's not the most fun part of being an author, but it's an important part.

I'm you spent more time on Twitter or Facebook? Why?

A goal of mine this year is to try and make the most out of what kind of promotion I do, so I'm curious what readers like. What catches your eye as far as promotion? How do you find new authors (social media, free reads, friends)?

Thanks for letting me pick your brain :)

Keep an eye out for the cover for SHIFTING GEARS. It should be revealed along with the release day soon!


  1. i spend more time on Facebook, however i do occasional check twitter

  2. I am on Facebook and have a Twitter account, but have no idea how to use it. I follow people in contests and tweet what is already prepared for the giveaway, but that's all.

    I like the teasers for books being released, either posted by the author or readers. Facebook groups are a very good way to find new authors to read. I have found many good books by reader recommendation.

  3. I spend more time on Facebook, however, I did set up a Twitter account nearly one year ago and could see myself getting into the habit of using it eventually. It's not a personal preference for me; It's about going where I can get the most information on my favorite bands and author's. Since you fall into the author category it's really in your hands.

  4. I spend more time on Facebook than Twitter. I don't really like Twitter. But I'm on Instagram most of all.