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What's new in 2016 from Renae Kaye?

What’s new from Renae in 2016?

Happy New Year!

We’re at the start of the New Year with dreams, hopes and wishes all fresh!

So what can we expect from Renae in 2016?

Ooh – lots.  For a start, we still haven’t released the audio of You Are the Reason.  That will be coming in this year.  It’s late, I know, but sometimes you need to wait for the good narrators.

I also have a number of translations that I understand are to be released this year.  The Blinding Light will hopefully make it into French and Italian, and Safe in His Arms into Italian and Korean.  And I wonder what the Italians will make of The Shearing Gun?

Last year I released a short story that I want to expand and rerelease.  I have it slated to work on in February 2016 – so I’ll see how I go with that.

As for new work?  I’m hoping to have three stories out this year – that’s three full length novels.  Dreamspinner have accepted my first, and I expect it to be out some time in May 2016.  I have another two that I’m finishing up this month and hope that Dreamspinner like as well.

So let’s talk about them.

Story #1 – a spin-off from Safe in His Arms

You guys asked for it, so I wrote it.  I didn’t mean to.  When I wrote Safe in His Arms the minute Ash and Devon appeared on the page, I knew they had a story to tell.  They exploded in my head during the “beach scene” I wrote, and I knew exactly what had happened between them, and what Devon needed to do.

But the readers told me they wanted Paul and Andrew’s story too.  I was unsure.  Paul was a bit of a lark… and Andrew?  How could Andrew live with himself?  He was married!

I didn’t want to write the story, but it challenged me.  What was the deal with Andrew?

It took me ages too.  Almost a whole year of picking it up and then casting it aside again.  But I persevered, and Dreamspinner said they wanted to publish it.  Eeek.

So Paul and Andrew’s story will be coming in 2016, and I hope to get Devon and Ash’s story finished in 2016 too.

Story #2 AND #3 – spin-offs from Loving Jay

I really need to find a series title for this one, because I’m hoping that by the end of January, this series has three books in it.  #2 is finished.  #3 nearly.

My January job is to finish them and get them off to the publisher.

In #2 we’re introduced to Jay’s friend, Kee.  He’s a little bruised from a relationship, so took a break from the scene.  Now he’s back.  He’s planning on finding himself a big bear to go home with.  Instead, he ends up with Tate.  Not quite the man he expected.

Our friends from Loving Jay are all there too – Liam and Jay, John and Jackie, and Aaron.

And #3?  Oh, I’m going to be a mean author.  I’m just going to say that you need to read #2 first… **wink**

How about, what am I writing?

Actually, I sat down yesterday and looked at what I had.  There are a couple of stories I want to finish that are not like the normal Renae Kaye novels.  Neither of them are set in present day.  One is in the future, and one is a new world.  I’d like to finish them off.

Then I’m going to concentrate on Ash & Devon’s story or perhaps Mickey Ryan’s story (from The Shearing Gun).   I have the next two books for The Tav mapped out in my head, a brand new series of 4 (or 5) novellas set in a small town in WA, maybe a co-written book, and the first chapter of a book featuring a “bad-boy” that just won’t leave my mind. 

So strap yourselves in for a ride in 2016.  I can’t wait.

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  1. Can't wait either! (although I suppose I'll just have to.) Toast for the New Year - "Productive writing for you & better health for your family."