Saturday, February 20, 2016

A new cat in the house by Renae Kaye

There’s a new cat in town.

Or at least in the Kaye house.

Nearly 12 years ago I adopted a stray cat who had been hanging around.  Piecing together what I think I know of her history, she probably had kittens and went straight back into heat.  Her previous owners dumped her somewhere near my house, and she got knocked up again.

I adopted her when she gave birth to kittens in my trailer.  We found homes for the kittens and she went back into heat before I could organise her to be sterilised.  We ended up keeping two more kittens from that litter, so we became a household of three cats.

Fast forward eleven-and-a-half years, and mumma cat had to be put down.  I was heartbroken.  But my heart shattered even further when one of her sons had to be put down just two short months later.  My house became a household of one very lonely and lost cat - Einstein.

He’s taken to sleeping just metres away from me and my heart couldn’t take it.  He needed a friend.
Einstein sleeps right next to my chair

So this morning we took ourselves off to the Cat Haven.  It was more emotional than I thought.  We spent over an hour looking at the cats.  Patting them, reading their stories, falling in love with ones we just couldn’t have.  I wanted the perfect cat.  I wanted one who would be friends with my older cat, and happy to lay with him on the lounge during the day.  But I also wanted one who would play with my kids. 

I wanted my old cats back.

My husband refused to pick, and left it up to me to choose.  The kids wanted one that I didn’t think was suitable, so I picked the best I could.  We came home with Tyson.

He’s 2.5 years old, and I’m not really sure of his history.  But he’s friendly and likes to play.  We got him home and left him in the cage while we brought Einstein in to say hello.  That was it for Einstein.  It was too much.  He up and left the house.  

Tyson looked like he wanted to be friends, but we were wary.  So we made sure Einstein was locked out and opened the cage.  He investigated every single room of the house.  Then he took up residence behind the lounge for a while.  Then, when he was sure, he came out and decided he’s the boss.  He’s taken a shine to my husband, and decided to bite me.  So after all the emotion, he’s decided to hate me.

Welcome to the family Tyson
I needed to keep him secure in a room for his first night, to stop potential fights between the cats, and also because Einstein is free to roam in and out of the house and in the yard at will.  Tyson can’t be allowed that freedom yet.  So I’ve been booted from my writing room.  I’ve had to give up my space.  My desk is now sitting just outside the door, and as I write this blog, Tyson is meowing to come out, and Einstein is sitting a metre away from me, staring at the closed door of the room he usually uses (because that’s where I usually am).

Have I made the right decision?  How hard will this be?  Will it be worth it?

I don’t know, but I guess it’s the same with writing.  Is the story right?  The effort level is amazingly hard to get a book to publication.  Then we have to ask, will it be worth it?


It’s hard.

I hope Tyson appreciates his new home and comes to love us.

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