Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ask Andrew - The Books We Read

Dear Andrew,

You already explained in this blog how events you witnessed or were part of, or people you met found their way into your stories. I was wondering whether novels by other authors are also a source of inspiration. Obviously, I'm not speaking of plagiarism, but of using a phrase, a situation, a feeling as some sort of a springboard, or as an incentive to spin you own tale.

Kindest regards,

Dear Madeleine

Yes there have bene times when a story I've read has sparked an idea.  Many years ago I was reading a scene in a romance and I was pulled out of the story completely.  This was back in the earlier days of gay romance.  This was a shifter story and the one character was scarred.  There was a scene when the author finally dealt with that issue and as I read it, I thought the author handled it very wrong.  I just thought it should have been done differently.

That error, in my judgement, stuck with me well after I'd finished the reading the story, so in the end I developed characters and situation for a short story and wrote it.  The entire purpose was for me to write a similar scene to what the author had done wrong, and this time do it the way I thought it should be done.  In the end, the author told their story and I told mine.  They were very different, but her work inspired me. 

That exact kind of inspiration hasn't happened again, but I do read stories where I see an element or watch a movie where I think a plot devise is clever and file it away because I think that will work well in a story.  I will say that the more something moved me emotionally, the more likely it is to inspire something in my writing.

Hugs and Love

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  1. Your books all seem to inspire me with my art. Many times you describe a place so well that I can't help but think I am actually there and hence forth I paint what my mind sees. Someday I hope I'm brave enough to take the story I wrote and try and see what happens. Thank you for your inspiration. You are my MUSE!