Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ask Andrew - His Own Chicken and The Egg

Dear Andrew,

Did you always want to be a writer or do you do it because you're good at it?
Thx, Kendra

Dear Kendra

That is an interested question and for me sort of a chicken and the egg kind of thing.  Which came first?  Growing up I never had the urge to write.  Not really.  In school I avoided English class and creative writing assignments like the plague.  I was a very practical kid with goals of going to college and into business.  This attitude continued until I was well into adulthood. 

I discovered writing and the joy it brought me almost by accident.  I was reading gay romance and decided to try writing one.  I will admit that my first attempts weren't exceedingly good.  But they must have showed promise and I wrote around subjects I knew and loved.  The thing was that once I started it opened a part of myself that I never knew or had dreamed existed up till that point.  But once it was unlocked, the stories haven't stopped since. 

I wrote my first two stories in four months and I was hooked.  But I had no idea how good they were ort if they were worth publishing at all.  That took much more time and work.  So you see my answer is sort of w which came first and the answer is neither fo them.  At the beginning I wasn't good at it and I hadn't wanted to be a writer.  It wasn't until I had this crazy idea to try writing that I discovered over time that I did love it and that I was good at telling stories. 

Hugs and Love

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  1. I'm so glad you tried it and loved it so much. My world would be a little less fun if it wasn't for the escape you have given us.

  2. Thx Andrew. I agree with Michelle. Love reading your books. Really looking forward to reading Love Comes to Light. ��