Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Chatting about Coatal Magic with BA, Julia and Sean

 * julia waves
 [sean] hey there
 [sean] how is everyone
 <BA> hola
 <BA> hysterical
 <BA> the pre-con week is ALWAYS hysterical
 <BA> and wonderchicken over here had to have the root canal from HELL today
 [sean] ewwww
 [sean] root canals suck
 [sean] poor julia
 [sean] I am nearly packed for coastal magic
 <BA> oh fuck you
 <BA> fuck
 <BA> you
 [sean] lol
 <BA> I haven't even found the ditty bag
 [sean] I've never been to a con like this, I'm probably not bringing enough
 <BA> I'm bringing t-shirts and jeans
 <BA> flipflops
 <BA> and a gimme cap
 [sean] oh, I'm doing okay then
 <BA> possibly jammie pants
 [sean] t-shirts and shorts
 <julia> I had a root canal
 <julia> today
 <julia> I am not bending over until tomorrow
 <julia> thus
 <julia> no packing
 [sean] nods and hugs
 <julia> blrgh
 <julia> but
 <julia> we get to see you!
 [sean] nodnods
 [sean] and I get to see you
 [sean] *grins*
 [sean] did you guys get the note about the film for cinama craptastique?
 [sean] I've never heard of the movie
 <julia> we did
 <julia> O.o
 <julia> I find that Taylor Lautner boy intensely unattractive
 <julia> so I have not seen it
 [sean] is that's who's in it?
 <julia> all the better to Tweet to it!
  <julia> yep
 <julia> he was in Twilight, right?
 <BA> *grins*
 <julia> I am old and have not seen those movies, either
 <BA> Miss J looks at me and says, "It's more authentic if we haven't seen it, right?"
 <julia> hey that means I only have to watch it once
 <julia> let Damon Suede watch it 50 times
 [sean] heeee
 <julia> I do love Cinema Craptastique though
 <julia> Kiernan Kelly cracks me up every year
 <julia> and this year we get to be there!
 * sean nods
 <BA> I get to sit next to Kiernan
 <BA> she's my good twin
 <julia> heee
 <julia> yep
 <julia> I'll sit next to Amy Lane and be the other weirdo
 <julia> her words not mine ;)
 [sean] lol
 [sean] I'm just hoping the weather doesn't keep me from getting there
 <BA> is it bad?
 [sean] we've got a storm blowing in Tuesday night and the problem is it's going to move in as snow and then change to icing
 [sean] hopefully it'll be done well before I'm supposed to leave
 <BA> nods -- I hope so
 <BA> we're supposed to be cold but clear
 [sean] that's good
 [sean] hell, the storm may miss us like that heavy snowfall one the other week did
 <BA> nods -- considering the last time we tried to go to this con we got iced in
 [sean] we're in a valley and just as often the storms miss us entirely
 <BA> well, I'm ready
 <BA> by Wednesday night, I'll be in hysterics and needing bed
 [sean] I bet
 <BA> because we didn't know Tuesday was chemo day when we booked
 [sean] nods
 [sean] yeah, that sucks
 <BA> but I should be perky come Thursday
 [sean] that's good
 <julia> woo
 <julia> perky good
 <BA> nods
 <BA> Thursday and Friday should be great
 <BA> and Saturday I'll be coloring :D
 <julia> and signing books
 <julia> the booksigning is 5:30 to 7:30 pm in Daytona Beach
 <julia> plug
 [sean] heee
 [sean] it's that late in the day, eh?
 <BA> I love that part
 [sean] :)
 [sean] I'm looking forward to meeting readers
 <BA> You'll have a ball
 <BA> I'm looking forward to lots of visits
 <BA> okay, honey
 <BA> my pho is here
 <BA> and the dental wonder is snarling
 <BA> if I don't feed her, she's going to eat me
 <BA> O.O
 [sean] lol
 [sean] okay you guys
 [sean] see you soon!
 [sean] yes!
 [sean] woot
 <BA> Love you babe
 <BA> *smooches and waves*
 [sean] love you
 [sean] :)
 [sean] bye guys

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