Friday, February 19, 2016

End of the Series by Felice Stevens

Shameless Promotion Post Ahead:

I've finished with my Breakfast Club guys.


I can remember the moment I thought about writing this group of men and how I spoke with my friend and beta reader, Lindsey and told her, "I have a fashion designer and his name is Julian Cornell. But I don't know who to match him with."
And she said, immediately, "Make it a fireman. How much more opposite could you get?"

And so Julian and Nick were born, and from them came sweet and shy Zach Cohen and the unapologetic slut, Marcus Feldman. These men and their stories have taken charge of my life and head since last summer and I almost fell at a loss, not having them in my life any  more.

When I was asked if I could show Zach and Sam's wedding, I decided to give those two a little bit of drama and angst. They sailed through their book, both figuratively and literally, flying their kites and falling in love, so now I had the opportunity to throw some twists into their smooth road.

And so, What Lies Between Us came out on Valentine's Day and made it to #1 in Amazon LGBT Erotica, and is now #1 on LGBT 2-Hour Short Reads. I'm thrilled people are loving the final chapter for Zach and Sam.....

Or is it?

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