Friday, February 5, 2016

I Love NY by Felice Stevens

One of the things I love about writing is losing myself in another world, even if the world I'm in is one I see every day.

If you know me and my books, then you know I live in NYC and set my books in and around the city. My characters often share the stage with the neighborhoods of New York; on any given page you may find yourself at Nathan's in Coney Island, the High Line in Manhattan or flying kites along Jamaica Bay. New York City becomes one of the characters. She is seductive, and overwhelming, while at the same time playful and tantalizing. 

I love drawing a vivid picture of where my guys are at any given moment in their book, and often incorporate the scene to mirror the atmosphere. In Memories of the Heart, Micah and Josh have a heartfelt talk about courage and love around the 9/11 Memorial. In After the Fire, Luke tries to escape and lose himself in the crowds of the High Line. And we know all about Sam teaching Zach to fly kites along the Belt Parkway and getting serious at Coney Island.

People have asked me if I'd consider writing in a different locale, but in NYC, every neighborhood is different. From one block to another you can go from private homes to groups of pre-war apartment buildings, nestling side by side with brand new construction.

So for now, with my latest releases of the Breakfast Club, I'm sticking with home. New York, New York, its a hell of a town.
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