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Part 2 - A Werewolf, a Dragon and a Vampire Walk Into a Bar by BA, Julia and Sean

A Werewolf, A Dragon and A Vampire Walk Into A Bar
A paranormal romp by BA, Julia and Sean

Part 1 can be found here.

Part 2

Big and Growly licked his lips and Copper swore he could see smoke and flame in the man’s eyes. One big hand was offered over.

Another man slid onto the stool on his other side, shoulder brushing his. “Oh, now, sweet. You don’t want to play with fire.” This guy had a smooth, low voice, like silk.

The hand held out to him disappeared, a deep growl sounding, settling right in Copper’s belly. “We were talking here.”

Oh, dude. Just what he needed, to be tag-teamed.

Down, puppy. Be good.

Big and Growly thrust his hand out toward Copper again. “I’m Singe.”

“Singe? I like it. Copper. Copper Williams.” He shook the big hand, wondering if what they said about big hands indicating big pricks was true.

“He’s all smoke and mirrors, sweet.” The man on his other side touched his shoulder, cool fingers sending what felt like sparks through him.

Singe looked past him and growled again, showing his teeth. “I saw Copper first.”

“Oh, now, Singe-y. You know I don’t care.”

So these two knew each other? What the hell?

Singe’s eyes narrowed. “Fuck off, Fangs.” Then the big guy turned back to him and gave him another of those toothy smiles. “Ignore him, Copper. He’ll be in hiding by sunrise. But I’ll still be here, looking after your needs.”

“Wouldn’t you rather someone look after your needs in private?” the other guy asked. “I’m Magnus, by the way.”

Singe’s nostrils flared. “I have a room!”

“Y’all! Hey. Chill the fuck out. Everyone needs to take a deep breath, remember that there’s a steak coming, and that I’m not…well, okay, I’m fairly fucking easy and relatively easy fucking, but let’s be nice.” He hadn’t just learned to wag his tail yesterday, after all.

Singe took a deep breath and one hand slid along his back. “My apologies. Food is good.”

“Mmm. I’ll have a glass of the mixed red,” Magnus said. “An appetizer.”

Singe ignored Magnus, focusing all his attention on Copper and Copper had to admit, that was a pretty incredible focus. “We were talking about not being alone.”

“Yeah. I’m not used to it.” And he didn’t like it, not one bit. His kind was built for groups and touching.


Lots of biting.

“And I come down to avoid it. I would like to not be alone with you.” Everything Singe said sounded weighted, deep. It was probably the voice.

“A bit clumsy, Singe,” Magnus said. “But sexy.”

“Totally sexy.” Copper sort of wanted to lick them both, just to get to know them, possibly to spread his scent a little bit.


Scent was important.

Magnus rubbed shoulders with him, grinning just enough to show fang. “I’m so much better at biting than he is. He has serrated teeth.”

Singe pressed closer from the other side, one arm going around his waist possessively. “I’m here to fuck, not fight, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fight if pushed. Besides, who gives a fuck what you can do with your teeth? We both know I’ve got the biggest… tool here.” Singe pressed his lips against Copper’s ear. “And I know how to use it. You won’t be disappointed with my meat. Steak first, the rest after.”

Copper blinked, then grinned as he felt an answering heat pressing along his spine, Magnus’ erection like a matching brand.

He chuckled softly, caught in the middle of an approaching storm, which was more than fine with him.

“Just so we’re all perfectly clear, boys. We’re not talking about screwdrivers here, right?”

Tune in next month for the next installment!

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