Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Questions and Answers with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Great news -- Kiernan Kelly will be joining in with the madness that is our weekly posts! So a big smutty welcome to Kiernan :)

Did you walk on the beach at Coastal Magic?

BA: We did. We went the wrong way for coffee, but we walked... 

Julia: We did! It rained on us a lot, but the first day was lovely and we got out and hit the beach. Mostly I watched Sean Michael chase seagulls.

Kiernan: I did not. First, the hotel was roughly the size of Texas. I'm surprised I didn't wear my legs down to nubs just walking to the convention space. Good thing, too, because then I would look like a Weeble. Also, the ocean looked angry. I tend to keep my distance from angry bodies of water.

Sean:Yes! And I paddled my feet in the water. And I ran at the seagulls to make them scatter.

Name a favorite moment at Coastal Magic:

BA: Just one? I have to say the very best part was the hugs. I got so many hugs and to have long discussions with the most amazing friends. It's my favorite part of any con. 

Julia: Ohm there are so many. Lunch with the author, though, made me so happy. The ladies we sat with rocked my socks. 

Kiernan: Omg, there were so many! Meeting up with you three ladies tops the list. Cinema Craptastique was so much fun, as was sitting on the Flash Fiction panel, and our Fistful of Rainbow Meet and Greet. And I think I peed a little from laughing so hard during Cards Against Humanity.

Sean: Lunch with Morticia, Sue, Tina, AE, Delorianne, Lisa, Andrea, BA and Julia is but one of the many wonderful moments.

How many rainbow tailed butt plugs does a person need?

BA: How many can I afford? 

Julia: Only as many as they'll actually use. 

Kiernan: One can never have enough rainbow-tailed butt plugs. Seriously, they're like potato chips, except you don't eat them. Unless you're into that sort of thing. Hey...we don't judge.

Sean: One can never have too many rainbow tailed butt plugs.

What name would you give a meal for a group of gay romance readers? (And would it consist of?)

BA: I'd feed everyone chili and cornbread and we'll just call it supper with friends.  

Julia: Hmmm. Cock and balls. Chicken meatballs and pasta ;) 

Kiernan: The name of the meal would be "The Spread(eagle)," and it would consist of many types of hard, pokey foods like carrots, cucumbers, etc. The main course would be Stuffed Pork Butt.

Sean: The Big Meat Platter and it would be include steak, sausage and potatoes.

What is one of your favorite kinks to write?


Julia:Spanking. Oh, spanking ow I love thee. 

Kiernan: Ooh, kink.. Spanking is a favorite, I think because it adds an audible element that readers can easily imagine, even without personal experience, which makes the whole scene just a little more vivid.

Sean: I can only choose one? Fisting, sounding, kissing, twins... I just can't choose only one.

What is one of your favorite kinks to read?

BA: I love a good power play. One where the men are equal and they have to struggle with their power issues.

Julia: I love sounding. I don't write it confidently, but I do love to read it.. 

Kiernan: I love to read about D/s. Love me some strong, alpha Dom any day of the week.

Sean: I love 'em all, but I do especially like twins.

What trope do you love?

BA: My absolute favorite of all time trope is former lovers. I ADORE that trope.

Julia:I love them all. Amnesia. Surprise baby. I'm writing the lost heir right now.   

Kiernan:That's a tough one to narrow down. I think it depends on the genre. For example, when reading shifters, I love the whole alpha male thing, and the mate-for-life trope.

Sean: Bodyguard!

What food could you not live without?

BA: At this point, every single thing I would say that about has made me sick, so I'm going to defer.

Julia: Bread. Gluten free these days, and I can go weeks without, but not months.  

Kiernan: Swiss cheese. It's the devil. I don't even want to be in the same room with Swiss cheese.

Sean: meat

What's your favorite body part on a man?

BA: Eyes. I love the eyes. I'm also a collarbone fan. 

Julia: His hands 

Kiernan:Gah...I have to pick only one? I guess you mean besides the obvious fun part, huh? I love strong arms. Well defined, tattooed biceps rock my world. And butts. Little, firm, bouncy bubble butts, to be exact.

Sean: I love the whole male figure, but the hands and that crease at the hips are especially yummy

Make up a first line for a hot new romance you haven't written yet.

BA: "Shit, y'all." He looked around the room, fighting his laughter for all he was worth. "I don't care if you're gonna get all weird on me, but did you have to use my pigging ropes?" 

Julia: "Damn it, would you watch where you're going, asshole?" 

Kiernan: Judging from the sudden silence and shocked expressions of the other shoppers in the supermarket, Kyle realized soon after his arrival that he'd forgotten to put on his pants again.

Sean: Marty didn't know why this always happened to him, but just like clockwork, here he was again, butt naked in the middle of a crowd. 

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