Friday, February 12, 2016

Secrets and Lies by Felice Stevens

When we last left Zach Cohen and Sam Stein, they were madly in love and newly engaged. Fast forward a year and a half and they are still crazy about each other, but cracks have begun to emerge in the previously unbroken facade of their relationship.

You see, Zach had found his voice and his independence. And in finding himself, he believed that gave him the right to tell his mother who she should date. Additionally, he makes some very big life decisions without taking Sam's point of view into consideration.

Sam is not without his faults, either. By omitting to tell Zach some very important problems he was facing, Sam might not technically have been lying to Zach, but is the sin of omission almost as bad?

Have you ever kept anything from your lover, significant other or spouse because you thought they couldn't handle the truth or because you believed you were protecting them? And what about what Zach did? Do you take the choice away from your partner because you think you know best what they might like?

What Lies Between Us releases Sunday, Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoy reading this latest installment of The Breakfast Club Guys. 
Happy Valentine's Day!

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