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Part 3 - A Werewolf, A Dragon And A Vampire Walk Into A Bar by BA, Julia and Sean

Here is the 3rd installment of our story.

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.

A Werewolf, A Dragon And A Vampire Walk Into A Bar
by BA Tortuga, Julia Talbot and Sean Michael

Part 3

“Nope. We’re waving around euphemisms for cock,” Magnus said. 

“Oh, good. I just wanted to be sure we were all speaking a similar o-fuck-me-now language.” Copper liked being clear.

“I’ll fuck you now and later and in between,” Singe promised, smile absolutely wicked, eyes full of heat.

Magnus rolled his eyes. “Singe is not subtle. Trust me, I speak your language.” 

“He’s never spoken a single word that anyone understood, trust me,” Singe said. 

It felt right, being caught in the middle. It was about fucking time someone fought over him instead of against his happy ass.

The bartender dropped his steak on the bar in front of him and Singe handed over some cash. “That should cover my tab, as well.” Then Singe smiled at him, all toothy and eager. “Eat up, pup.”

He groaned, the scent of the meat enough to make his hungry belly try to gnaw through his backbone.

“Mmm. Another house red, Thomas, if you please.” Magnus watched him with predatory interest. “I find myself...peckish.”


Copper wasn’t peckish. He was fucking ravenous.

Singe rolled his eyes, and nudged Copper. “Seriously, don’t be shy. Have at it.”

He grinned, then dug into his steak, moaning at the flavor of fresh, perfectly seared meat. 

Singe moaned as well, the sound coming from deep in his chest. “Hungry pup. I can’t wait to feed you what you really want.”

“You can’t give him what he wants, lizard brain.”

Singe snarled at Magnus. “Nobody asked you, death-breath.”

“No?” Magnus sighed, nudging Copper with his elbow gently. “Look, Singe, we can work together. Why not share? He looks like he can take us both on.” 

He totally could. Possibly at the same time. Ambition, his name was Copper. “Maybe.”

“You lay off the insults and I’d be willing to find out,” Singe told Magnus.

Magnus held up both hands, a patently false innocent expression on his face. “You got it. It’s tough for me; the insults are my coping mechanism.”

Singe gave another toothy grin. “Mine is setting my annoyances on fire.”

Copper took another bite of steak. He was fairly sure coping mechanisms were for pussies. Of course, if Magnus kept stroking his back that way the guy could cope however he wanted. He had talented fingers. 

And Singe’s gaze was going to burn him up. Or the man was going to eat him up. Either one worked.

His eyes crossed, a jolt of sensation crawling up his spine and settling in the base of his brain.

Singe took his fork and stabbed the last quarter of his steak and offered it to him. “You’re going to need your strength.”

His mouth popped open like someone had pressed a button, and the meat slid on his tongue.

Singe’s gaze was glued to his mouth. “Mmm. I like watching a man eat. It tells you a lot about what all they can do with their mouths.” 

Copper growled happily, his tail wagging all on its own accord. Magnus moaned at the motion, fiercely strong hands grabbing his hips hard enough to bruise.

“Easy, pup. This isn’t that liberal of a bar.”

“If you’re done we can get out of here,” Singe suggested. “My room is around the back. Nice and private and looking on the forest.”

“I’m done. I mean, I’m just getting started, but I’m done eating. It was good.”

Sharp fangs brushed his neck, the teeth just barely pricking him. A rush of pure heat flooded him, and his eyes flew open wide. 

Singe growled some and stood. The guy was huge, tall and stacked, he looked like a mountain Copper wanted to climb. Grabbing his arm, Singe tugged him up. “Come. Now. Before we both take you right here on the bar.”

“Yeah, that would be fucking shame,” he whimpered softly.

“Don’t want you arrested before I get a chance to do you.” Singe got them moving. 

“None of us can stand up to that particular nonsense, boys.” Magnus led the way and suddenly they were outside, the wind sharp and strong, the scents of all of them the best damn perfume.

It made Copper want to howl.  With any luck, he’d be doing exactly that in very short order.


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