Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Springtime Top Ten with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

March 1 already! Must be time for a Spring themed top ten!

Top Ten Things I'm Looking Forward to in Spring

BA Tortuga:

Oooh! I love this one! Spring is my 100% favorite season. 

10. Planting roses.
9. Planting tomatoes.
8. Planting cannas.
7. Planting radishes.
5. My hawks come back.
4. Grilling and dinner outside every evening.
3. Opening the windows.
2. Planting more roses.

Julia Talbot

10. Shirtless boys
9. flowers
8. rain
7. the semi-annual zoo trip 
6, capris and t-shirts
5. bunnies
4. Easter candy!
3. grilling out
2. nights around the fire pit
1. the start of rodeo season

Kiernan Kelly

10. Strawberries! i love 'em, and we grow them big and red down here in the Sunshine State. Early spring is the season for strawberries - we even have a Strawberry Festival every year that draws some of the biggest names in C&W entertainment, and about a half million visitors.
9. Bunnies. Stuffed ones, actually. With Spring comes Easter, and with Easter comes all sorts of adorable stuffed animals that I can manipulate into creatures of my own design. Last year, for example, I made bondage bunnies, bondage ducks, and bondage lambs.
8. Food, glorious food! My family has some traditional foods that we only make in spring. For St. Patrick's Day, it's corned beef and cabbage, and Irish soda bread. For Easter, it's  pizzagaina, or Italian Easter Pie. Making it is a three-day process that begins the Thursday before Easter, but it's worth the effort! Eggs, cheese, ricotta, ham, and pepperoni are baked in a thin-crusted pie...yum!
7. The weather. Spring in Florida is absolutely perfect. Not cold, not hot, it's just right for walking or taking a long drive.
6. Alligator mating season. Not that I'm into gator sex -- because that would be weird, even for me -- but spring is when gators start bellowing and travelling . It's the best time of year to see them , since the boy gators (bulls) travel from water source to water source looking for a mate.
5. Babies!  I love seeing all the baby ducklings, calves, birds, etc. that come with the spring.
4. Penny Dreadful. I love me some Victorian monsters, which makes Penny Dreadful one of my favorite shows. It usually starts airing new episodes in spring.
3. Game of Thrones. Ditto above. I need to find out what happened to Jon Snow!
2. Pool's open! In winter it's usually too cool to swim, even down here in Florida, but come spring the water heats up quickly and it's time to hit the water.
1. Convention season. The writer/reader convention season is in full swing come spring, and this year I'm psyched for a trip to the Romantic Times Convention in Las Vegas!

Sean Michael

10. having the windows open - I love the crossbreeze, the fresh air coming in
9. wearing hoodies and sneakers - hoodies are like my favorite thing, and sneakers are much quicker to put on than boots
8. the tulip festival - I try and go every year. It always amazes me how many different kinds there are
7. everything turning green/coming back to life - the light green of new leaves, new grass, flower shoots, etc. Spring is the only time you see that green
6. all the birds coming back - noisy as they might be in the mornings, it's a beautiful noise - the cardinals are already making their laser bird sounds about a month early
5. surprise snow storms - I love it when you think winter is over and all of a sudden there's a snow storm -- almost as fun as the first snow of winter
4. new TV shows - there might be some new favorites!
3. sitting in the backyard - I do enjoy sitting in the backyard before the mosquitoes show up
2. fresh local fruit and veg - they always taste better than the stuff that comes from farther away
1. shirtless men! - 'nuff said!

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  1. "Alligator mating season"!! Best reason for looking forward to spring I EVER heard!! Love it! :-)