Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ask Andrew - Buildings and Layout

Dear Andrew

When you are writing about structures (houses, shops, workplaces, etc) do you have a picture or visual reference or can you picture the space, and the objects in it in your mind? Basically, how do you deal with structures, furniture and the 'flow' of the space?


Dear Sarah

When I'm writing about structures, I have a definite picture in my head.  I'll let you in on a little secret.  When I'm writing about various buildings I picture ones I know as a model.  For example, I have used the homes of various friends for some of their homes or places they visit.  For a while I watched some of those real estate shows on television and I use the buildings they tour.  In the story I'm writing now, I'm using Dominic's mother's kitchen as the place where my character and his mother have their conversation about relationships. 

I do the same thing with businesses.  I may transplant the buildings to various parts of the country, but I use ones I know as models and shift them around.  I do that for the restaurants and shops in the Carlisle Cops as well as the Taste of Love stories.  I do make changes and modifications to the buildings as I need to, but this technique allows me to start with the building that I know well and make the modifications needed in my head. 

Hugs and Love

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