Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Ask Andrew - Characters in the Bedroom

Dear Andrew

How do you decide what type of character you'll develop.  I've heard you say that in addition to the general character traits, you also develop 'bedroom' traits.  How do you decide?


Dear Martha

Developing character is one of the most important components of writing a romance because the stories are very much character driven.  As an author, we develop all of the traits for each of the characters in our stories.  As you alluded to, my favorite part of that process is developing the bedroom character traits.  And I like there to be some surprises.  For example, the bug guy in the story, may be the bottom in the bedroom.  There's an old saying.  The bigger they are the more helium in the hells.  :)

Characters may have quirks in the bedroom.  One character may like to have his toes sucked while another will have sensitive nipples, or just the opposite.  A character may be a complete dynamo of energy in life, but in the bedroom, can be shy and much more quiet.  As long as there is a justification for the behavior so it seems believable to the reader, the sky is the limit.  And that's what makes it fun.  People are individuals so our characters must be the same and we all have things we like and don't like in and out of the bedroom.  Not everyone is a good kisser or a good lover, but think of the heat that could be generated by lessons in loving.  (Oh there's a title)

The important thing is to make characters interesting, different, fun, and feeling real.  We all have strengths and weakness, and so should the characters we create.

Hugs and Love Andrew

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