Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ask Andrew - The Settings

Dear Andrew

When you write your stories with all these places in mind, have you ever been to most of them or is it mostly research? If you have been to places you write about, where all have you traveled? Has Dominic ever went with you? Some places like,  Accompanied By a Waltz, would be someplace I would love to go just because of the beautiful way you described the country. Or the scenery in the Rodeo series. 


Dear Tammy

I have bene or lived in many of the places that I use as settings for my books.  It makes writing about a place much easier if you've actually been there and are able to convey not only how a place looks, but what it feels like.   Dominic has accompanied me on much of my travels, though some like Australia and The Netherlands have been for the evil day job I no longer have.  

Dominic and I travelled to Vienna a number of years ago and it was that trip and the things I saw that I included in Accompanied by a Waltz.  It is impossible to visit that city and not hear or see people dancing.  The Waltz is part of the fabric of life there and the entire place seems to flow right along with the dance.  As for the rodeo series, I have visited Texas a number of times and I have friends who serve as a source of additional inspiration. 

There have bene location I have use that I haven't been to.  As an example I have never been to Syria or to Liberia.  I used Syria as the location for Crossing Divides and Liberia for A Spirit Without Borders.  For those locations I relied on research and talking to people who have been there. 

Hugs and Love
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