Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cover Reveal, Safe in His Heart by Renae Kaye

Okay – here it is.  The cover and blurb for my new book. 

Release date:  2nd May, 2016
Pre-order:  now

The pre-order links for the other outlets will be coming soon.  At the moment it’s available only at Dreamspinner:  link.

Safe: Book Two

Andrew and Paul learned about God and Jesus in different churches and realize their views of spirituality are worlds apart.

Andrew was raised Catholic and was told his homosexuality was a sin. For his entire life, he hid the truth. He married and had children to present a fa├žade to the world—that of a straight man. It’s not until he has an affair with Paul, who shows him a different side of Jesus, that Andrew realizes he can be gay and still believe in God. Paul’s Jesus is one of acceptance and love, and in Paul’s church, being gay is not a problem.

For Paul and Andrew, falling in love is the easy part of their journey. They must make it through the fires of cheating, being discovered, Andrew’s wife leaving, the necessities of childcare and family life, the demands of their jobs, and working on their commitment to each other. Only then can they be safe in each other’s heart.

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