Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Movie Favorites with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we are talking Movie Favorites, a baker's dozen questions.:

What's your favorite zombie movie?
BA: Night of the Living Dead. They're coming to get you, Barbara.
Julia: Shaun of the Dead 
Kiernan: Night of the Living Dead (original in b/w). Still gives me the creeps.
Sean: Shaun of the Dead (favorite zombie thing ever is The Walking Dead)

What's your favorite horror movie (non-zombie)?
BA: Poltergeist -- the original. Do not TALK to me about the remake.
Julia: Hmmm. I do love monster movies. I tend to like adventure hybrids. How about deep blue sea 
Kiernan: Cabin in the Woods (although it does have zombies in it, they're not the main focus).
Sean: I'm not good at horror films usually - 7 left me waking up in the middle of the night too scared to go to the en suite washroom, but Deep Blue Sea is one that was fun and I've seen more than once.

What's your favorite western movie?
BA: Tombstone - "I got lots of friends." "I don't."
Julia: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 
Kiernan: The Cowboys (an oldie with John Wayne).
Sean: Young Guns

What's your favorite comedy movie?
BA: Shaun of the Dead :D
Julia: I tend not to like what people expect me to find funny. We'll go with  Clue
Kiernan: The Birdcage
Sean: The Pirates of the Carribean (what, it's hilarious)

What's your favorite sci-fi or fantasy movie?
BA: Labyrinth because David Bowie
Julia: Beastmaster 
Kiernan: Labyrinth
Sean: Oh I love Labyrinth. And I love the Star Wars movies, and The Lord of the Rings, Star Trek (some of them) Okay, so I'm a fantasy and sci-fi junkie and can't possibly pick a favorite, or even a favorite for now.

What's your favorite action movie?
BA: Gladiator. Men in skirts, baybee.
Julia: The Mummy 
Kiernan: Die Hard with a Vengeance
Sean: Thor

What's your favorite black and white movie?
BA: Young Frankenstein
Julia: Red River with John Wayne.  
Kiernan: Psycho (or the first ten minutes of The Wizard of Oz).
Sean: Casablance

What's your favorite drama movie?
BA: A Lion in Winter (again, the original. I don't do remakes.)
Julia: Gladiator
Kiernan: The Godfather
Sean: Chariots of Fire

What's your favorite animated movie?
BA: Beauty and the Beast
Julia: Little Mermaid 
Kiernan: Beauty and the Beast
Sean: Big Hero Six

What's your favorite buddy movie?
BA: Jaws
Julia: Sahara
Kiernan: Some Like it Hot
Sean: The Fellowship of the Ring

What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie?
BA: Conan the Barbarian. Beastmaster. Sword and Sorcery. Pick one.
Julia: Why be guilty? I already admitted to liking beast master. Maybe the 13th Warrior 
Kiernan: Jaws 3D
Sean: A Knight's Tale

What movie have you seen the most times?
BA: The Wizard of Oz
Julia: Toss up between the mummy and Indiana jones 
Kiernan: The Wizard of Oz
Sean: Star Wars (A New Hope)

What little known/underrated movie do you absolutely love?
BA: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with the Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. DO NOT JUDGE.
Julia: Alex and Emma
Kiernan:  Little Voice
Sean: The Island 

BA adds: I want to know why the musical genre was so desperately underrepresented here. Seriously. MUSICALS. M. U. S. I. C. A. L. S.  Moulin Rouge, Jesus Chris Superstar, White Christmas, Hair, Tommy, Rent, The King and I, Sound of Music, What the fuck?

Sean replies: because I didn't think of the category when I made up the questions? we're also missing favorite sports movie, favorite foreign film... oh look, the beginnings of another post ;)

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