Friday, April 22, 2016

New Beginnings, or How I Finally Cleaned my Refrigerator by Felice Stevens

I have talked about it often enough these past weeks, but tonight is the start of the Passover holiday. Passover celebrates the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery under the Egyptians, and requires the eating of only unleavened bread or matzoh.

Now that may sound good to those who don't have to eat it, but after eight days of it, come talk to me.... yeah right.

This is not my favorite holiday because it requires changing all my dishes, my cutlery, and cleaning my kitchen, to make it free of all bread products. But the  one thing I do enjoy is cleaning out my refrigerator. You see, I've talked about my son who, though he's ben away at school this year, loves to cook and has left me with the lovely present of a refrigerator stocked up with all kinds of bottle filled with sauces he likes to cook with. 

Tonight, after I cooked my brisket and chicken soup, I took a garbage pail and one by one, gleefully tossed out the half-filled bottle and jars filled with liquids, some of which looked like a science experiment from years past. It was almost fun discovering items shoved in the back of the shelves that hadn't seen the light of day since last Passover cleaning.

So you may hear me complain, but come eight days from now, I will have a nice, newly clean refrigerator.....

Just in time for when my son comes home from his first year of college on May 2...

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  1. Felice, great perspective. I grew up in a pretty Jewish neighborhood. I always enjoyed being included in my friends Passover experiences. The best one, once we got in high school, was the pizza binge we went out for the night it ended.