Saturday, April 23, 2016

Safe in His Heart, first excerpts, by Renae Kaye

My new release Safe in His Heart (Safe #2) comes out next week.  In nine days.  I’ll be exhausted by then.  I’ve been busily writing blogs and burning the midnight oil.  But that’s okay.  I will wait for the dust to settle before I emerge and see if my readers like my new book or not.

Safe #2 is about a man hiding his sexual orientation.  He entered into a marriage of convenience in order to fool his family and friends.  They had two children to complete the image, but neither of them considers fidelity to be a part of their deal.  Here, in this excerpt, Andrew explains:

Andrew tried hard to be straight. He tried to please his father. He consciously ignored his sinful urges and married a woman like the Bible told him to. He used his seed to bring children into his marriage, and that was about the best damn thing he’d already done in his life.

His children were the only good thing about his marriage to Kristy. The day he stood in front of the altar of Kristy’s church and promised to love and honor her, he lied. He felt sick at the time because he made that vow in front of God, and knew that he would break it. But the church hadn’t fallen in like he dreaded. He looked Kristy in the eye and lied, and she looked him in the eye and lied right back.

Things fall apart for Andrew though, when his wife leaves and he no longer has her as a screen to hide his “other” life that he sometimes leads.  Andrew turns to Paul for support.  But it’s dangerous.


Andrew and Paul learned about God and Jesus in different churches and realize their views of spirituality are worlds apart.

Andrew was raised Catholic and was told his homosexuality was a sin. For his entire life, he hid the truth. He married and had children to present a fa├žade to the world—that of a straight man. It’s not until he has an affair with Paul, who shows him a different side of Jesus, that Andrew realizes he can be gay and still believe in God. Paul’s Jesus is one of acceptance and love, and in Paul’s church, being gay is not a problem.

For Paul and Andrew, falling in love is the easy part of their journey. They must make it through the fires of cheating, being discovered, Andrew’s wife leaving, the necessities of childcare and family life, the demands of their jobs, and working on their commitment to each other. Only then can they be safe in each other’s heart.

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