Friday, April 1, 2016

With a little Help From My Friends by Felice Stevens

People say writing is a solitary job. And for the most part they are correct. Yes the actual writing part, the putting the words on the screen in coherent sentences, that is where we face it alone, but there is SO much more that comes before it gets to that place.

I have always loved to work cooperatively. I find getting a group together brings out people's strengths and when ideas get bounced around, wonderful things can happen. Usually when I get an idea for a story, I talk to my friends and they tell me, "That sounds interesting," or, they say. "Ehhh, not so sure about this. Let's talk about it." And we proceed to bounce story lines until I get the idea right in my head and start to write.

But it doesn't end there. After I write a few chapters, I send them to a trusted friend who knows me, knows my writing and loves MM romance and I either get the all clear you're on the right track, or NO. this is not going to work.

And I begin again. And write and write. But in between I talk to other writer friends who are also going through the process and we bitch and moan together, laugh about things, bounce ideas off each other and talk about the decline of the state of publishing (cough KU cough). Without my writer buddies I couldn't do this thing.

I can't even get into all the people who help take my raw manuscript and shape it into the final product, my editors, my cover artist, everyone who helps me before I hit that publish button or submit a manuscript to a publisher. they have my heartfelt thanks.

And in other news...I had a release! My first audiobook with Tantor Media came out last week. Beyond the Surface, starring your favorite fashion designer Julian Cornell and his long lost fireman lover, Nick Fletcher is now out and narrated by Marc Bachmann. I hope you enjoy it and Book 2 in The Breakfast Club series, Betting on Forever is coming on April 19th!
Have a fantastic weekend

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