Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Zombie Apocalypse question with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Dawn Roberto gave us our question today - thank you, Dawn, we had a lot of fun with this one.

If the zombie apocalypse happens what five items would you all have with you to survive it?

BA Tortuga

  1.  Hydroelectric generator.
  2. 10 cases of peanut butter
  3. Size 6 metal knitting needles
  4. A loaded tool box
  5. My daddy.

Julia Talbot

Five things, huh? 
  1. Do my bassets count as one? I'll say yes. Sadie, especially, would turn into a ninja assassin basset and kill. 
  2. My wife. BA is KICK ASS and I would put her up against any zombie any day
  3. A cricket bat, because it worked so well for Shaun of the dead...
  4. and unlimited supply of fresh water
  5. a fully and perpetually charged Kindle with an endless supply of books
What? You didn't say there were rules...

  1. Shovel. Shovels are incredibly useful tools during a zombie apocalypse. You can bash in zombie skulls with the broad side, decapitate with the edge, and dig a hole to put all the decaying corpses in once you're done. Or, you know, plant flowers, in case the zombies turn out to be friendly.
  2. Ramen. It has a half-life of a billion years, and you can survive on it. Sort of. You can also crumble it on the ground and use it as an early warning system in case zombies breach your first line of defense. This way, zombies can't sneak up on you. Because zombies are like that, you know. They tiptoe. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
  3. Bottled water. Duh. Need it to make the Ramen. Also, because tap water is just nasty.
  4. Air freshener. Because...ew. Zombies stink. At least the juicy ones do.
  5. Rubber squeaky brain toy.  A necessary addition to the zombie fighting arsenal, used for distraction purposes. Scenario:  "Here boy!" *squeaks rubber brain toy* "Who wants the brain? You want this, huh?" *throws brain toy * "Okay, go get it!" When the zombie runs off to fetch the rubber squeaky brain toy, you run like hell in the other direction. What? They're zombies, not rocket scientists. Unless they actually were rocket scientists before they were zombified, in which case, break out the shovel.

  1. Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead, with his bow
  2. Thor, with his hammer
  3. Hawkeye, also with his bow
  4. John McLean, with his explosions
  5. Dwayne Johnson, no weapons needed....

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  1. I love how Kiernan has her points thought out, and Sean has the power with him. Julia and B.A. can do the clean up and feed all the hungry fighters.