Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ask Andrew - Keeping Track of Series

Dear Andrew,

My question this week stems from the sheer number of books I read.  As an author each of you have your own development for storylines, sex scenes, series, and character traits.  I am an avid fan of your work so I realize how quickly you fulfill us greedy readers with new stories.

What are your methods for keeping track of these stories?  Are there some that keep you pushing yourself until they're done because they are screaming so loudly or others that you end up squashing for long periods because something's missing?


Dear Dragontieggs

I am blessed because my editor has created a character spreadsheet for each of my stories and I can refer to those when I'm working on a new story in a series.  Its amazingly helpful for me.  But I will tell you that when I'm working on a new story in a series, I review the previous stories so I can make sure that I have them all in my head while I'm writing.   It helps make the writing process go more smoothly for me and it also helps me avoid stupid continuity mistakes.  

To answer your next questions, of course there are always stories that are easier to write.  Some, when you're lucky as hell, they practically write themselves and as a writer you live for those times.  They are few and far between.  So when it happens you get down on your knees and thank the writing gods.  On the flip side, there are stories that are more difficult to write.  Those take more patience, time on the phone with plotty buddies, and chocolate.  Lots of chocolate.

Hugs and Love

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  1. LOL! Chocolate? I would have thought a difficult story would drive an author to drink. 😜

  2. As Kendra said, I prefer wine when a story is giving me trouble. I do cherish those parts of a story that just flow forth compared to the ones I have to drag into the light, kicking and screaming.

    Susan Says