Friday, May 6, 2016

LOOK! I wrote a Book! by Felice Stevens

An article recently came out exalting the fact that it is now easier to publish than ever. That the hardest thing about self publishing is, well the decision to self publish.
In the words of my favorite historical romance characters: RUBBISH.

The self published market is more crowded than ever before; every day Amazon is flooded with new books by authors hoping to have the "next big thing" and sell millions of copies of books. But recently we've seen a spate of announcements from Amazon about the proper way to format a book and if there are too many spelling errors, your book will be bounced until you correct them.

These (slight) attempts to stem the flow of unedited or poorly edited books are indicative of the bigger problems of the state of publishing today.

In my opinion, too many people think its easy to publish a book. And it is. That's the problem. People write the brilliant words and think they don't need editing, maybe because their best friend read it and told them it was wonderful. After uploading, they wait for the book to go live and voila! A published book. Easy Peasy.

Except it's not. Real writing takes time; time to take classes in the craft of writing, time to join a critique group and really listen to what others have to say. Time to write, rewrite, tear it all up and re-write it again. Listening to criticism of your work is one of the hardest things ever, but as writers we need to know why info dumping is bad and why we need to show, not tell.

 Both William Faulkner and Stephen King said "Kill your darlings." As writers, we have a hard time acknowledging that the scene we thought most brilliant, needs to be cut. Take it from someone who knows. the scene needs to be cut. I have started, cut and scrapped tens of thousands of words. 

So I disagree with the article. Publishing is easy. But do we want it to be? What standards are we striving for when click farms are set up to give Kindle Unlimited books invalid page reads, when books are haphazardly slapped together and pushed out?

I for one, don't want publishing to be easy. I want it to be hard. Hard as hell and just as scary Because writing is easy....but good writing is hard.

And speaking of publishing..I had a release this week. Learning to Love released. I hope you pick it up and enjoy it!

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