Tuesday, May 3, 2016

overhead at BA and Julia's house

hey y'all!

If you follow any of us on social media, you probably know how BA and I are a) married, and b) have long, bizarre discussions about the strange and unusual.

Here are a few of the standouts from the past week.

"Your butthurt is not my responsibility"

"Get the basset hound out of the laundry basket, please. I need to rewash those sheets"

In chorus with Kiernan Kelly "Hot Pockets" which is the result of a bad Cards Against Humanity clue at RT

"Yes, but if she's Canadian does she still have to suck it up and be mean?" We tease Sean Michael about being super polite and Canadian.

Right. You get the bear shifter and I'll take the demon." Are we starting a new shared universe between the four of us? Keep tuning in and see for yourself.

We love y'all so. We promise to get our butts back on track next week.


Julia (and BA, Sean and Kiernan)

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