Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Q&A Plot vs sex with BA, Julia, Sean and Kiernan

Hey y'all!

The question this week is. "Can you have plot and lots of sex in the same story?"

Sean says, "The answer to this for me is an unequivocal yes. I don't see the two as mutually exclusive at all. You can have a little sex and plot, or a lot of sex and plot. In fact, I bet a story could be all sex and still have a plot. Sex can further the story as much as any other kind of scene can."

From Kiernan: Of course you can have sex and plot. Sex can drive the plot, help develop the relationship between the characters, and even offer up a ready-made conflict for the story. But mostly because, you know...sex. Naked sex. Pushed up against the wall sex. Out in the backyard sex in full view of the neighbors and garden gnomes sex. Sex in a barn, on a plane, on a train. See? Sex. Oh, and plot. plot is good, too.

BA has feels: We're writers. We can have whatever the fuck we want. That's why it's fiction.

I love plot. I love sex. I love plotty sex (which autocorrected to potty sex which is TOTALLY not what I typed, thank you very much). I love wham bam no reason but the fucking sex. I love a meaty plot wherein there isn't a hint of sex at all. I love reading and writing and I have zero idea why this has to be so complicated. We're telling stories. We're scaring and spooking and falling in love and goofing off and intriguing and making people laugh.

Or at least that's what I'm trying to do.

Loving books is my world -- sexy, boring, silly, scary, stupid, harsh, intense, fluffy, light and dark and all the colors of the rainbow.

Remember, this is joy. Write what makes you happy. Read what makes you happy. Let the rest go.

And also, much love, y'all.

Julia has a cray cray moment:

Runs around in circles beating herself on the head.

Ahhhhh! If one more person tells me sex cannot co-exist with plot I will shoot something with a bazooka. Oh, man, I wish I had a bazooka. But the answer is yes, of course. Now, sometimes a story is just about the sex. Sometimes that's what the call asks for. Sometimes that's what the characters call for. I love how, in Sean Micahel's Jarheads series, for example, sex is how the boys communicate. That's the only way they do. Then there are my shifters, for whom sex is a political, establishing their place in the pack. I know not everyone loves lots of sex, but there's a book for everyone! Let's not hate on what someone else loves to read!

Plus, I really like spanking...

XXOO, Much love, and all the rest

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