Monday, May 23, 2016

Totally Peachy by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! My week is off to a peachy start. Literally. My peach tree had a great crop this year and every peach seemed to get ripe at once so I had a lot of picking to do!

With this many peaches, I knew I'd have to do some freezing if I wanted to use them before they went bad. That meant a day of peeling skin and cutting the fruit. My hands were tired by the end but I have a few ziplock bags of fruit ready for whatever I want to make.

Plus, I have some disks of peach pulp that I can drop into an iced tea pitcher.

And my dad even joined the party and made this great jam.

After that, I asked for ideas on what to make. Baked good seemed to be the number one recommendation but after all the peach peeling and chopping, I was too tired to deal with pie crust so I went for this strudel using puff pastry, which I had in my freezer. I cut down the sugar quite a bit so that it could be eaten with ice cream and not be too sweet. It turned out great!

Next up - my apple tree is ready for picking!

Have a peachy week.


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