Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Talking Kink with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

We're talking about kinks today!

What is the strangest kink you've ever written?

BA: Does making a vibrator into a fishing lure count? *grins*

Julia: Hmmm. I tend to be pretty fond of my regular suspects. I like spanking and bondage and voyeurism. I think the strangest on I've ever written is a slave auction. I had a ball with that. 

Kiernan: Sounding. I tell this story all the time. My editor contacted me and said the publisher needed a story for a story on sounds, and was I interested? I said sure -- thinking they meant sounds as in music, dirty talk, etc. After I agreed, I googled it. Oy. I obviously had no idea what sounding was, but to my credit, managed to write a story. LOL

Sean: Probably prostate milking (In Briar Rose: Controlling Parker)

What is the strangest kink you've ever heard of?

BA: Oculingus --eyeball licking. O.o 

Julia: Crowning. Blame Sean and BA. Look it up. O.O

Kiernan: Oh, brother. There are so many to choose from! Balloons are a good one. People get off rubbing on them.  Eyeball-licking is another one. Mechanophilia is getting aroused by having sex with machinery. Some folks like to have sex with cars. Not in them...with them. As in humping the exhaust pipe.  Or vacuum cleaners. Talk about a suck job!

Sean: Well, honestly, I think scat and golden showers are very, very strange (and totally not sexy)

What kink did you used to think was really hard core, but now doesn't seem as hard core?

BA: Hrm...urethral sounding, I think. I used to think that was the wildest thing ever and now it's just sort of yummy. ;-)

Julia: Fisting. I mean, I know it's dangerous and I rarely write it anymore unless I write it in a paranormal, but for a while there every m/m book had to have a fisting in it, so it got old hat.

Kiernan: Fisting. Back in the day, I used to think that was as kinky as one could get. Now, it's been written so often it's almost blasé compared to relatively more cutting edge (pun intended) fetishes like knife play and branding.  

Sean: All of them. I used to think fisting was super kinky, then sounding. Then pony play... that bar just keeps on moving the more I write.

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  1. This was hysterical! Thanks everyone for the questions and answers.