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Part 4 - A Werewolf, A Dragon And A Vampire Walk Into A Bar by BA, Julia and Sean

Sorry we missed a couple of months! Without further ado, here is the fourth installment of the story

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Magnus figured he was being incredibly kind, sharing his new boy with Singe. Of course, fighting with Singe could get a man, or vamp, incinerated. He had no time for that. He wanted his share of hot, super-electric werewolf blood. 

They would go to Singe’s room and really pound it out now that Copper had been fed. 

Singe got his door open, only fumbling once with the key. He could be a little clumsy in his human form, but he had plenty of skills in the bedroom that more than made up for it. They all tumbled into the room and as soon as the door was closed behind them, Singe grabbed Copper up and planted a hard kiss on him.

The little hard-body was tight and compact, ass a wet dream in a pair of ancient jeans, broad shoulders draped in a leather jacket that had been through a war.

Magnus stood back for a moment to watch, his fangs itching, his cock hard as a rock. People thought vampires had no blood flow. That was bullshit. They just needed to borrow the red blood cells from another source. 

Singe had one big hand on Copper’s ass, drawing Magnus’ gaze, which was maybe why he was letting Singe monopolize Copper’s mouth. He stepped forward and pressed against that pretty ass and Singe’s surprisingly hot hand, refusing to wait another second.

Singe moved his hand, but not to push him away. Instead Singe grabbed his package, squeezing firmly. Gasping, Magnus bucked, sensation rocketing up his spine to burst in his brain. Oh, this definitely had possibilities. 

A low growl bubbled up from Copper, low and needy and raw. Magnus wanted a bite of that, a long, slow drink and then a hard, comfortable screw.

“Too many clothes,” Singe growled and Magnus had to grin. He’d known they could count on Singe to get them all naked and in bed in short order. Guy was single-minded as hell. Hot, too. Both to the touch and in body when he pulled off his shirt and struggled out of those jeans. Singe was built like a brick shit house. 

Magnus reached about and began to unfasten Copper’s pants, the heavy buckle fighting him. Damn cowboys.

Singe snorted. “Finesse has its place, but this isn’t one of them.” Getting a hold of either side of Copper’s shirt, Singe tore it, pulling it apart. Singe slid both it and the jacket down Copper’s arms. 

“Hey! I only got so many clothes,” Copper said.

“I can buy you something new.” Magnus finally got the jeans moving in the right direction.

Singe grabbed hold of Copper’s arms and began dragging him toward the bed, Copper almost tripping over his jeans before he kicked them off. Magnus made sure to save the boots, although he wasn’t sure the damn things were worth saving.

That ass sure was, though. Damn.

Sweet man. Copper smelled like musk and heat and male energy. Singe, well, his scent was all brimstone, but it was surprisingly sexy. 

“If you don’t get naked soon, Fangs, you’ll be left behind.” Singe pulled Copper down onto the mattress and went back to kissing the sexy little wolf again.

“Never going to happen.” He reached down, popping Copper’s sweet little ass with the flat of his hand. He thought of it as tenderizing the meat.

Tune in next month for the next installment!

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