Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sexy Favorites with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

10 Sexy Favorites

1 - Favorite kind of kiss to write.

BA: I love the surprise kiss -- you know, the one where he just is either going to kiss the fuck out of his beau or beat the fuck out of him. :D
Julia: Hmm. I like hard, desperate first kisses, where they've waited so long they can't bear it.  
Kiernan: The hard, hot, angry, messy, wet ones that are more like fistfights using lips and tongues.
Sean: All the kisses.

2 - Favorite sexy song.

BA: Drive by Melissa Ferrick. OMG. O. M. G.
Julia: LOL. People would not find my choices sexy. I think self consciously sexual music is a bit weird. I do think Adam Levine is slinky sexy though so maybe Animals or Sugar 
Kiernan: Simon and Garfunkel song. Seriously, when the hubs andI were dating that was our go-to make-out music. Bridge Over Troubled Water, The Boxer, My Little Town... Yes, I know. We're weird. It's part of our charm. LOL
Sean: Brown Chicken, Brown Cow by Trace Adkins - makes me laugh every single time I hear it - sex and laughter are good combos. Then there's Closer by Nine Inch Nails for pure sexual drive. Need You Tonight by INXS... I could go on ;) 

3 - Favorite sexual position to write.

BA: I like rubbing off. Crazy, fully dressed humping like monsters.
Julia: I like blow jobs and frottage 
Kiernan: Doggy Style with a reach-around. Woof.
Sean: All the positions.

4 - Favorite room to write your characters having sex in.

BA: Is outside a room?
Julia: They have to be in a room? I admit, as I get older, the boys want a bed or a couch... 
Kiernan: In the garage in the backseat of the old car they're refurbishing; in the kitchen where all sorts of tasty bits and pieces are available for sprinkling on and licking off a lover's body. Bathroom, with deep tubs or two-person showers for lots of wet, soapy sex.
Sean: All the rooms (are we sensing a theme here?)

5 - Favorite post-sex activity to write.

BA: Oh, the regret that morphs into the morning round. :D
Julia: Laughter 
Kiernan:  Snackage My boys tend to deplete a lot of energy having sex, and most of them want to do two things immediately following - grab some cold pizza and a beer out of the fridge, scarf  it down on the way to the bedroom, then fall face first onto the pillow for a nap.
Sean: Snuggling.

6 - Favorite activity to write that leads to your characters having sex.

Julia: Foreplay? I mean, there's not a rule with me 
Kiernan: Arguments often lead to amazing sex. But finally sorting out a longtime  misunderstanding can do it too.
Sean: Talking, especially talking about what they're going to do to each other.

7 - Favorite form of foreplay to write.

Julia: Spanking ;)
Kiernan: I love writing bumbling foreplay. A scene in which one of the two characters -- or possibily both -- are inexperienced, or shy, or just plain clumsy. Bumping noses, awkward kisses, tentative touches...until the dam bursts and it's all-out passion war.
Sean: Kissing is good. So is breathing. Looking. Talking. Seeing each other across the room...

8 - Favorite post-coital snack for your characters.

BA: Hrm. My boys make a lot of sandwiches for post-sex munchies...
Julia: Depends. Shifters like meat, my bear shifters like honey and the firemen like pizza 
Kiernan: Anything that can be grabbed from the fridge without cooking, and preferably that can be eaten right out of the container. Pizza is good. A leftover sub sandwich. In an emergency, a jar of pickles will do.
Sean: My guys tend to fall asleep rather than eat...

9 - Favorite time of day for your characters to have sex at.

BA: Broad daylight. Outside. Sunshine on naked bods. :D
Julia: I see a theme here. My guys get off when they can. 
Kiernan: Any time. Hey, it's sex o'clock somewhere, right?
Sean: Are they both breathing? Then it doesn't matter what time it is. (And I suppose if they are vampires they don't even need that)

10 - Favorite kink to write.

BA: Fighting. Not emotional fighting, but a nice fistfight to lube everything up is just charming... Right? ;-)
Julia: Can we go with spanking again? I like the adrenaline pump of it. 
Kiernan: Spanking, I think. Warming up a guy's backside until it's a nice rosy red is uber sexy. :)
Sean: All of them, baby! 

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