Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer Lovin' by Felice Stevens

Now that I've wrapped up my Breakfast Club series and the spin-off, Learning to Love is out, I figured it would be a good time to take stock and see what I have coming for the summer.

After I finished writing Learning to Love (which, if you haven't read, you can purchase HERE) I fully intended to start Rico's story. Rico of the mysterious dark eyes and back story. Well, Rico proved even to mysterious for ME, because he just isn't talking. No matter how much I argued with him, he simply isn't ready for his story to be told.

Not to worry, I'll simply start up again on my radio show romance and see what's cooking between the talk radio psychologist and his hesitant, once a week caller.

Instead, when I sat down to write, another story popped into my head screaming "Me, Me!! Pick Me!! It was a story of two deeply wounded men, who think they can have a physical relationship without involving their hearts. Well they may have thought so, but this evil writer knows better. They wandered into my world of Happily Ever After and they were going to get one.

And so, The Arrangement was born. These two guys, Carter and Reed are sweet, lost, sexy and frustrating but when they meet up its explosive. I totally feel for them. It was a journey I took with them, and not since Rescued did I feel like I had a story to tell so strongly.
If you'd like to read the blurb you can add it on Goodreads. Release date is tentatively July 12.

After that, it's back to my Radio show romance (I do need a title. Got any suggestions?) Then maybe Rico will start talking. And come August, a little surprise. 
But that's for next week.


  1. Don't you love how the muses rule? I thought of "Calling All Hearts" for a title. LOL, there is a reason I don't write ;-)

    1. That is actually really good. Every thing I could think of was Fraser Crane related and not sexy at all

  2. Don't kid yourself. I'm writing that down! I first had it down as Dial L for Love then thought no one dials a phone anymore. lol

    1. "Press L..." "Have Siri Dial L..." "OK Google, Dial L..." :-D

  3. Excited for the new stuff ahead!!!
    Love is Calling
    Love Talk Radio
    Romance Radio Show

    1. Felice StevensFriday, June 03, 2016

      *Writing them down!!!