Tuesday, July 12, 2016

8 quick questions for Sean, BA, Julia and Kiernan

We did a quick and dirty Facebook chat this week because Kiernan's publicist (her hubs Butch) awaits foot surgery in the hospital. Sigh. Hugs to him. So we weren't able to do in depth...

The questions were: Facebook or Twitter? Cream or sugar? Oral or anal? Dogs or cats? Reading or writing (if you had the choice), hot or cold, weddings or baby showers, spanking or bondage?

BA Tortuga

Facebook, sugar, oral, dogs, reading, hot, baby showers, try it and I will kick your ass.

Sean Michael

Facebook, cream, Oral AND Anal, thank you very much, dogs, writing, cold, baby showers, spanking AND bondage are both yummilicious

Kiernan Kelly

Facebook, cream and artificial sugar, anal, both. Don't make me choose. Please don't make me choose. I can't. It's an impossible choice. Depends - hot for beverages except when I'm really warm and thirsty, and hot for temperature, except when it gets to be 100F and feeling like 120F. Oops...hit send too quickly. Either or, although I kind of like the quirky little games they play at baby showers. Spanking.

Julia Talbot

Twitter, Cream, oral, dogs, reading, hot, weddings (I cna't hack eating baby food as a game), spanking

Spare a few good thoughts for Mr. Kelly, will ya?



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