Friday, July 29, 2016

Back to Reality by Felice Stevens

It had to happen. Family vacation anticipated all year is over, and while there will be other trips, this was the one we all look forward to the  most. We spent 10 days in Costa Rica and ate and drank our way to happy times. I'm including some pictures of the wildlife, the surroundings and our food.

This picture above is of the howler monkeys that wander the resort, looking for the mango trees. Can't blame them.

Now it feels like I'm on the back end of the summer and I haven't done anything, except release a book. The Arrangement is doing well and thank you to everyone who's bought it, read it and reviewed it. 
Next up will be the re-release of a fully re-edited Rescued, with a bonus addition at the end—the upcoming sequel, Reunited. Stay tuned for that sometime in either late August or early September.

I hope you've heard of the charity anthology I'm doing with Cardeno C, Riley Hart, Ella Frank, Lane Hayes, Christina Lee and N.r. Walker to benefit the One n Ten Charity. This is their website so please check it out: 

If you haven't read the The Arrangement, you can find it here:

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