Saturday, July 9, 2016

My newest book by Renae Kaye

Is it the 9th of July already?  Wow.  How this year has flown.

Despite my attempts to think I could do otherwise, I’ve only released one story this year.  I feel a bit like a failure on that front.  Only one book out this year, and it wasn’t successful in sales or ratings. That’s always disappointing to an author, but a learning curve.  It makes one doubt their writing, and even their validity in continuing to write.  I’m still debating with myself whether to continue certain series, move into another sub-genre, or even into another genre completely.

But in the M/M romance genre, have you seen the new authors out lately?  There has been an explosion of new voices, and this should be a reason to celebrate.  More voices mean more choice for the reader.  There should be something for you to love, even if your preference is for unpopular sub-genres.

I’ve had a look at the latest books on Amazon in the gay romance section, and I’m amazed at the variety of books, the explosion of unfamiliar authors and amount of new stuff coming out.

Amazed. Yes.  Jealous?  Definitely.

It seems like everyone has new release out… apart from me.  For some time there I thought about changing my Facebook workplace from “Author” to “Former Author.”  I find it hard to blog when I have no news to impart, and any blog that is political or opinionated is often not well received.   Someone recently wrote that they felt like the world was on fire.  I feel the same – and the radical tensions from factions in every form make it hard work.

However, leaving aside that stuff, I finally DO have some news to impart.  Sort of.  I have a new book coming out in … well, seven weeks.  It’s ages away, I know.  You can’t know more than me.  With my birthday coming up next week, I wanted to do something special to celebrate on my birthday.  So, guess what?  Cover reveal!  Yay!

Probably too early, but guess what?  I don’t care about conventional advice any more.  I just want a happy birthday for me, and showing you my latest cover is happy for me.

SO – there’s a catch.  You either need to follow me on Facebook if you want to be second to find out... or sign up to my brand new newsletter if you want to be first to see.

A simple email address is all you need, and you can be assured with a promise from me that I’m only sending newsletters out with news.  No spam.  No email every week.  Just when the exciting news comes out.

So, be watching.  And hopefully you will enjoy Kee and Tate’s adventure.

How to contact Renae:
Twitter:  @renaekkaye

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