Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Twerking and more with Julia, BA, Sean and Kiernan

Random questions today are!

If you were a dance move or style, what would you be?

What is your spirit animal?

How many books do you own?

Dr. Who or Star Trek?

What is your favorite piece of clothing and why?

BA says: two-step, the raven, not enough, but if my ebook collection was physical, you'd call me a hoarder, Star Trek, anything jersey that doesn't itch and doesn't touch me.

Kiernan says: 1. The Stroll - it's old and doesn't go very fast.

2. I took a quiz. According to the quiz I took, I'm a llama. 😝 I promise not to spit on anyone.

3. I haven't counted lately, but including ebooks, I'd have to get Stephen Hawking to do the higher math.

4. neither? *runs and hides*

5. Pajamas for the win! Because pjs are comfy.

Sean replies: The Salsa or the Rhumba - something slinky and sexy if you go by my stories 😉. my spirit animal is the polar bear. um... well, let's put it this way, the last time I moved, I actually hired movers and as they took the boxes of books in they told me they'd never moved so many books. Dr Who AND Star Trek AND Star Wars AND Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit And and and... I have a David Bowie glass spider tour t-shirt that is worn so thin its now see through. Softest and most comfortable t-shirt ever, from the start and still so today

And Julia says: Twerking! I am kinda classless when I dance, and I jerk madly. I love to pop my butt just to horrify watching teenagers. My last dance not with my wife was a Charleston with Andrew Grey at Coastal Magic. My spirit animal is the crocodile. Seriously, they follow me everywhere at zoos and aquariums. I've cut down on paper books with 3 moves in 5 years, but my Kindle shelf... well, I could read one book every day for 5 years and not come up for air. Dr Who. A tank top right now. It's wicked hot.

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