Tuesday, August 9, 2016

5 Olympic Questions with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

With the Olympics having just started, we thought we'd go with five Olympic themed questions today.

1 - Are you watching the olympics?
2 - Favorite sport to watch
3 - Is there one olympic story in particular you're following?
4 - Do you find the Olympics inspiring writing-wise?
5 - What would you like to see an Olympics//world championship of?

1. God, yes. Every second.
2. WATER POLO! When I was unemployed years ago I spent hours watching water polo in the middle of the night. I'm an addict.
3. Kerry Walsh-Trainer. I'm a little stupid over her.
4. No. In fact, it's distracting. Usually we don't have the TV on during writing time, but the Olympics are special.
5. Olympic Bull Riding! I would TOTALLY be all for that.

1. Yes
2. Hmmm. Beach volleyball
3. The little Brazilian girl gymnast who was dead last at worlds and has done well so far this time around
4. Nope. I have to be careful not to get sucked in and forget to write
5. Gay porn

1. I'm not watching the Olympics because I just don't have time. Between taking care of the hubs (who's still out of service with a shattered heel), babysitting the grandkids, and trying to get a novel done by Sept. 1st, I barely have time to breathe let alone watch tv!
2. I'm not a Summer Olympics kind of person. If pressed, I like gymnastics, but I really prefer winter games, in particular, figure skating.
3. Not this time around. Sadly.
4. I'm not an overall sports fan, except for figure skating and hockey, and I rarely write sports-themed stories. Maybe I should change that. How about a hockey player shifter story?
5. Speed writing. I'll bet the four of us win the gold. LOL

1. Yes, I am watching the Olympics. I watch avidly.
2. Men's swimming, beach volleyball, gymnastics (I think my history with choosing just one favorite and not being able to do so is well documented at this point...)
3. How many medals will Michael Phelps win in his final Olympics (and I am thrilled that he's come back for one more)
4. Well, I already have a new Olympic swimmer story started, so I'd have to go with yes!
5. Olympic Pole Dancing.

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