Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ask Andrew - Dropped Subjects

Dear Andrew,

Was there ever something you thought to write about but didn't, because you thought the fans wouldn't receive it well or maybe it didn't feel like the right time?

Thx, Kendra

Dear Kendra

There have bene many subjects and ideas that I've had throughout the years that never made it into a story.  Sometimes I'll read something that will kick off an idea, but it doesn't go anywhere.  I had an idea very early on for a character who was recovering from a rape.  A friend told me that she had been kidnapped and raped when she was a teenager and she even gave me permission to fictionalize her story.  But I couldn't write the story in the end.  It was too personal for her and when it came right down to it, I wasn't comfortable telling that story and was afraid I couldn't do it justice.  I doubt I will ever write that story. 

There have been other ideas that have come and gone.  That happens on a regular basis for me.  Its the ideas that stick around for more than a few minutes that really have a chance to become stories. 

Hugs and Love

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