Monday, August 1, 2016

Ask CC (08.01.16) by Cardeno C.

Happy Monday! It's time for an Ask CC post,

  • Question: "When is your next novel going to come out?"
CC: I just released my newest novel called Not a Game. :) 

  • Question: "I know you just put it out, but will you write Jack's story next in the Friends Series? By the way I absolutely loved Not A Game Tasha B"
CC: Hi, Tasha. Yes, I'll write Jack's story. And I'm so glad you enjoyed Not a Game!

  • Question (grouped together because they're similar):
    • "Just finished reading Perfect Imperfections for the fourth time. Just wondered if you thought about a sequel? Maybe with Jeremy's manager Bill or Reg's ex Kirby as the main characters and still give a what's going on with Jeremy and Reggie. Great book. Thx, Kendra"
    • "I love all your books. I am writing this to ask you what happened with Reggie and JJ(Perfect Imperfections) and Ford and Trevor(Strange Bedfellows) after what was in the story. Thank you very much for writing books. Keep writing."
    • "Love your stories. Are there any plans to have a sequel to Perfect Imperfections? Jeremy and Reg are wonderful characters and it would be great to hear how their lives have progressed. Thanks!"
CC: Hmm, I'm sensing a theme here. :) I'm not one for sequels generally but never say never, right? And there has been a JJ and Reg story floating in my head so anything's possible on the Perfect Imperfections front.

  • Question (grouped together because they're similar):
    • "Hey CC !! I just wanted to ask if you are planning to write another book in pack series"
    • "CC, Are we ever going to get to hear about Ricky and Morgan from the Pack series? I'm dying to find out what happens with them. Thanks, B"
CC: There will definitely be more Pack books. They're on my (way too long) to-be-written list. :)

  • Question: "When will Red River, the audiobook version be released."
CC: The Red River audiobook narrated by the wonderful Nick Russo is now live!

  • Question: "Hello.  Love your books which are on my list of go-to favorite reads.  I was wondering if you had any plans to expand on TJ & Finn's story?  Thank you!"
CC: I don't have any plans to write more of TJ and Finn right now but who knows what the future will hold.

Thanks so much for the wonderful questions! If you want to ask me a question that I'll answer on a future blog post, you can let me know here. Have a great week.

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