Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Either Or with BA, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we are answering five random either or questions.

1) butter or margatine
2) Watson or Holmes
3) vanilla or chocolate
4) polar bears or penquins
5) steak or seafood

butter, Moriarty, vanilla, polar bears and steak. 😃

Butter, Watson, because I already have my Sherlock, chocolate, both, please. They waltz together when no one is watching, steak, though I love lobster and shrimp.

Butter - margarine tastes like plastic. Both, please, together, naked. Chocolate, always, the darker the better. Omg, who can choose? Penguins, because they accept gay parents. 🙂  Steak. Cows fear me as a natural enemy.

Butter, unsalted. I like them together. Vanilla. Polar Bears! And I hate having to choose between steak and seafood because I love both, but if I absolutely have to choose I want my lobster, my scallops, my shrimp and my crab.

Got random questions? Comment or email one of us :)

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