Friday, August 5, 2016

I tried, I really tried, by Felice Stevens

You may have seen people talk about Bullet Journals, washi tape and planning. Did you feel me shudder? 

Not without some envy, I watched on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat as authors and friends made pretty notes about all the work they planned on accomplishing over the next month. I admired their artistic ability and their clever use of stickers and Washi tape.

I went on Amazon and looked up Bullet journals and imagined myself figuring out what I would be doing for the next month and I had an epiphany. I picked out a cute journal with pineapples.

ARE YOU CRAZY? (That was the little voice inside my head screaming at me.)

Sheepishly, I took a step back and listened. 
I don't plan. I don't plot. And, I have to confess, I am not the most well-organized people you might ever meet. I don't even use the calendar app on my phone or the reminder.

"But look how pretty it is." I pointed to the picture of the pineapple journal. "It even has inspirational quotes."


"Maybe I will. they can be really...inspirational. And, see?" I clicked on the Washi tape. "Pretty stickers. Books and bunnies and hearts."


I was about to argue when I realized that little voice in my head was right. I wanted to have a pretty journal where I'd set out all my goals and block out time for me to write. The problem is, I'd never follow it. I know me. I love the idea of the journal but I don't have the discipline to stay with it. I may have the rough idea of a story, but the thought of planning out the intricate details, or actually making an outline (horrors) gives me hives. I get the idea of a story and the names of the characters and sit down and start writing.

Sometimes I think about plotting out a book; I actually went ahead and did it over vacation. I wrote a synopsis and planned out the plot points of a book I'm writing.

Worst night of my life. Not going to happen again.

So, bye, by pretty pineapple journal. 
Don't you think it's cute?


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