Monday, August 22, 2016

My Work Space (Before) by Cardeno C.

I'm not a desk person, never have been. When I was in school, I almost always studied in bed on a lap desk. When I had to go into an office, I was never fully comfortable at a traditional desk. Now I'm lucky to be able to work from home but I've never figured out a good space to do my day job or my writing job. Until now (I hope)!

There's a space in my bedroom that's pretty much unused, other than for dog toys, and I'm hoping it'll be the perfect place for me to work. I'm getting my furniture situation figured out now by online shopping (yay for coupons), antiquing, and repurposing. Hopefully I'll be done next week so I can share "after" pictures. For now, here is the "before".

If you have any "must have" work space suggestions for me, let me know. Have a terrific week. 


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