Saturday, August 27, 2016

Renae Kaye's new release

So Don't Twunk With My Heart has been unleashed on the world.

If you've grabbed a copy - thank you, ever so much.  **big heart**  And if you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a review.  It appears that reviews are the way to go on ebook sellers sites.

If you haven't had a chance to grab a copy yet, then you can head to your nearest (favourite) seller and grab a copy.  It's available everywhere.  Amazon, Dreamspinner, ARe, Kobo...

If you're not sure about if you want to read it, how about a review or two?  I've picked out some of my favourite bits.

From Love Bytes:

"I tend to find reviewing books by this author difficult, because there’s always so many different things I could talk about. Renae Kaye creates complex characters, without making them obscenely angsty. Characters whom others see as weak, or lesser, but they prove that they are strong. None of them are perfect, and I love that these men didn’t need to overcome their fears to demonstrate that strength, they just learned to deal with their limitations."

This is a wonderful mention, because it's something I try to write with honesty.  As much as I love the HEA at the end of the book, and the bad guys caught and punished, I am aware of things not being that realistic.

In Safe in His Arms, Casey had been sexually abused as a child and was still receiving counselling and taking medication to deal with that.  He wanted to heal.  He wanted to be "normal."  But the truth is he is never going to be normal after that.  I didn't wish to write a book where his experience was "dealt with" and he was "cured" at the end.  Safe is a book about knowing that is never going to go away.  You learn to live with knowledge.  You have to accept you are going to carry this burden for the rest of your life.

Similarly, an experience such as drug addiction or alcoholism is never going to be "cured."  In Don't Twunk With My Heart, Tate has an eating problem.  It is not "cured" by the end of the book.  It will never be cured.  But Tate acknowledges he has a problem and that is the first step.  It is about realism - not just tying up loose ends and making the ending of the book pretty.

From Diverse Reader:

"Loving Jay was the first Renae Kaye book I read. When I finished it I knew she was a writer I was always going to love. So book after book I read her. Then Don’t Twunk with my Heart comes out… the SEQUEL to Loving Jay and I died! JUST DIED! I grabbed it and ran to a corner and wouldn’t talk to anyone until I finished it!

It was FABULOUS! It was the Renae Kaye I fell in love with and I almost cried with joy."

Loving Jay was released over two years ago, so yes, I can understand that some readers have been anxious to get their hands on more Liam and Jay.  I truly hope this book gives them their fix. 

When writing Don't Twunk I wondered if there was a way to take the zaniness of Jay and place it in another story.  I didn't want another character like Jay - because there only can be one Jay in this world.  In many aspects, Kee and Tate are both like Jay.  Tate, however, has teamed his femme and twinkish ways with intelligence and a drive to succeed in his chosen field.  And Kee has had obstacles in his way that has turned him introspective. 

I think that quiet Kee could become a favourite of mine to visit in other stories.  One sharp eyed reader has already spotted two other characters from other series in Don't Twunk... will you?

Check out Renae's website for more information on her other books:

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