Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Writing Themed Questions with Ba, Julia, Kiernan and Sean

Today we're answering some writing themed questions.
  1. What's your favorite genre to write?
  2. What genre do you think you'll never write?
  3. Edits - love 'em? hate em? 
  4. Favorite place to write.
  5. Favorite time of day to write.
  6. Keyboard or pen?
  7. Third or first person?
  8. Past or present?
  9. Day or night?
  10. Pantser or plotter?


  1. western
  2. I never say never
  3. Edits are a part of the job and they make the book better, so I love that. The parts where I was a moron and screwed up? Hate that.
  4. in my sunroom
  5. morning, but I'm most productive in the evening.
  6. keyboard. My hands have trouble holding a pen for any length of time.
  7. THIRD.
  8. I prefer past.
  9. I'd rather write during the day, but I tend to have to write in both, to make deadlines.
  10. Plotter. 100%. I have outlines and cards and notes and scenes written out completely.


  1. Paranormal. I am so into bears right now! Werebears, naturally. 
  2. Probably hard sci fi or high fantasy. I can do space opera but the others require so much world building!
  3. Every editor I ever have would say I hate them. I get easily frustrated, but I do love it when a book is so much better for an edit
  4. coffeeshop or my couch
  5. early evening seems to get the most done
  6. keyboard. I only longhand when there's no other choice
  7. third. I loathe first person unless it's a very specific type of historical. 
  8. both please. I like to write historicals and I adore contemps
  9. Day. I sleep at night these days
  10. Plotter. I used to pants, but my books are better now that I plot them out

  1. I love to write paranormals, because I get to make the rules!
  2. I can't imagine a genre I wouldn't take a stab at, with the exception of regencies. There are too many tight and fast rules associated with it.
  3. I consider edits a necessary evil.
  4. In my office or at Starbucks. 
  5. At night, when it's quiet and I have no interruptions.
  6. Keyboard! I can barely read my own handwriting when I write quickly.
  7. I've written in both. Sometimes the story dictates what tense I need to use.
  8. Past tense, almost always. I find present tense awkward to write.
  9. I've always been a night owl!
  10. I was always a pantser, but lately, with a giant to-do list and deadlines, I've found plotting out the book helps...although some times things take a left turn and I need to go with the flow.

  1. contemporary - whether I'm doing BDSM or sweet/with kids
  2. horror - I just don't have the touch although I enjoy reading it
  3. edits are a necessary evil
  4. my writing chair
  5. I probably get my best work done after dark
  6. keyboard all the way
  7. third person, I find first person a challenge
  8. past, again I find present tense more challenging 
  9. night
  10. pantser all the way - I tried plotting once and it was a disaster

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