Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ask Andrew - Dealing With The Haters - by Andrew Grey

Dear Andrew,

How do you deal with negative comments to your books or even in your personal life from those that don't support LGBT equality? It seems like there's SO much hate in the world today.

Thanks, Kendra


You are right there is so much hate in the world, but there are also amazingly supportive and wonderful people like yourself in this world as well.  Dominic and I have been very fortunate.  Verbal attacks on us have bene minimal and we have dealt with them together.  He and I decided long ago to live a life that was visible and to let others see how much we cared for each other.  He and I try to lead quietly and by example. 

Social media is another issue completely.  People can be anonymous and that leads to people saying things because they fell that those comments can't get back to them.  I pay little attention to it quite frankly.  There are people out there who hate, rant, and rave about everything under the sun.  It doesn't matter.  It isn't as though their opinion is important to me.  (The delete and unfriend buttons come in handy at those times)

In short my philosophy is that I do what I have to in order to keep myself and Dominic safe and after that I ignore the junk that's out there and focus on the good.  Its affirming and it propels my writing and life forward.  I don't pay attention to the hate.  It's not worth it. 

I hope I answered your question and have an amazing day
Hugs and Love

PS:  I figured you all were getting of my mug, so I put up the cover for Eyes Only for You.  I love the guys on this one. 

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  1. I'm glad you have had minimal attacks. I've always thought if it's consenting adults it's their business. I'm a supporter of LGBT equality and have lost friends and family due to my beliefs, but I wouldn't change a thing. Love your books Andrew looking forward to more. 😀