Saturday, September 10, 2016

Renae's Roundup

To say I’ve been sick is a little bit of an understatement.  I made it through all of June and July (our winter here) without a cold or sniffle, so I thought I was doing great.  August brought me a cold, followed by a couple of days of feeling well.  Then I picked up a second cold, then was well for a week.  Then I went down with a proper flu.  I’m talkin’ about a good one.  Fever, chills, body aches… yeah.  My whole family got it and it was bad. 

I was sleeping twelve hours a night, and doing nothing but watching TV all day.  The other day I calculated that I’ve been well for 13 out of the last 45 days. 

So I thought I would give you a recap of my author highlights for the last month, just to catch you up.

#1 – Don’t Twunk With My Heart released

This was definitely the biggest event.  It’s been a long time coming.  I started writing this story in 2014 and picked away at it for over a year.  Then there is the editing and proofing… well, it’s been a long time.

I’ve had a lot of messages from people and reviews that have touched me.  Thank you to the people who’ve picked up this book and loved it.  As an author it was great to revisit old friends – Liam and Jay are a fabulous couple – and it was also interesting to write these characters through the eyes of another.

When writing Loving Jay, you see Jay through the rose-coloured glasses of Liam.  You also see Liam as he perceives himself.  When seeing these characters in Don’t Twunk With My Heart, you get to see Liam as an outsider would see him – reserved, a little quiet and somewhat fascinated with Jay.  You also see Jay as Kee sees him – a little more flamboyant and louder than Liam perceives him, and without those rose-coloured glasses.  But Kee also sees Jay through the long lens of friendship, and so simply shrugs and says, “But that’s Jamie.”

If you haven’t yet picked up this book – here’s a couple of links to send you to where you can get it.
Link to Dreamspinner Press eBook
Link to Amazon
Link to All Romance eBooks

#2 – Al Sicuro Tra Le Sue Braccia released

For those of you who don’t speak Italian (**raises guilty hand**) this is the Italian translation of Safe in His Arms.  Coincidentally released on the same day as Don’t Twunk With My Heart, the Italians received their third taste of Renae Kaye (Loving Jay was released in Italian May last year, and The Blinding Light in April this year.)

People have been very complimentary about these translations, so I’m glad they have translated well.  If you have an Italian speaking friend who doesn’t speak English well, and wants to try out M/M Romance – let them at it!

#3 – Liebesblind released

My first German translation also was released at the beginning of the month.  Liebesblind is the translation of The Blinding Light.  I am hopeful that more will follow now this one has been successful.

#4 – Jay: Aimer released

And not to forget about the French, my second translation into French released just yesterday.  I adore this cover of the French version of Loving Jay.  It has Jay’s car, Daisy, and her little yellow sunflower on the aerial.  And it also features the badge that gave Jay his name – “Just do it – smile”.  Liam only saw the “J” on the badge, so in his head called the beautiful man who wore the badge “Jay”.

Link to Amazon FR

#5 – Yes, Professor progresses

I had a little story I wanted to write – the story of a guy who falls for his professor-looking neighbour.  I managed to finish it, and I’ve had an editor look it over.  I’ve also had a cover artist make me a great cover.  I’m getting there with this publishing business.  Slowly.  It’s creeping along.  But it’s also exciting.  I really hope you guys enjoy this one when it finally makes it out.

#6 – My latest WIP finished

Yep!  Just today in fact.

I’m going to disappoint a ton of readers – but this WIP isn’t M/M Romance.  It’s M/F Romance.  Sorry.  I had this great story, and it just didn’t work with two male protagonists. So it’s M/F and it was very different to write, I must admit.  A lot of fun, but sometimes hard for me to write in a way that didn’t have my female lead coming off as a weakling.  She has her strengths, but she also has to battle sexism at times, which rarely comes up in my M/M novels.

Even though this work isn’t M/M, I feel it is valuable to me.  Writing is about improving each time you craft a new story, and yes, I feel I am improving techniques and abilities.  Writing is also about finishing works.  Most writers I know have a slew of started-but-not-finished manuscripts hidden away in notebooks or in files on their computer.  Pulling out that started-but-not-finished story and taking it to the end shows the tenacity you need as an author.

#7 – Safe in His Heart is about to be released on audio

I received notification that Safe #2 in audio has been finished and should hit the stands any day now. This has been by far my longest book, so I’m a little scared to see how many hours it turned out to be.  Be watching for notification of links once it’s out if you’re interested.

And that’s basically my round up of the last 6 very busy weeks.  Ciao!  Merci!  And thank you for every purchase and review *heart*

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  1. Looking forward to reading and listening to your new work. Glad that you are feeling better!